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How to make your private rental homes safe

This week, we are going to work with landlords/ladies on their contractual obligations to keep their rental properties safe.

COVID-19 and cost-of-living crises should not be an excuse for unsafe properties

It is possible that the current cost-of-living crisis, which has followed the COVID-19 disaster, may not make things easy for everybody including landlords/ladies. However, this should not be an excuse to have unsafe properties or not carry out life-saving repairs. Saying that is not about blaming anybody. It is just about responding to some demands from renters for safe conditions of living.

Ways of responding to renters’ request for safe living

There are many ways in which landlords/ladies can respond to renters’ demand for safe conditions of living.  Our response is about working with private landlords/ladies who are interested and experiencing safety issues with their rental properties so that these issues can be fixed.

In fact, most landlords/ladies and/or their letting/managing agents would be aware of the Health and Safety Standards for Rented Homes (HHSRS) and the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2008. 

The Act states that landlords/ladies should keep their properties safe, healthy and free from things that could cause serious harm. However, being aware of something is not the same as taking action to deal with problems if there are any safety issues that arise.

Areas of safety or concern by tenants/renters

As part of work with landlords/ladies, we shall discuss together the following areas of safety or concern by tenants at this challenging time of the cost-of-living crisis:

σ Hazards in a rental property that can affect renters’ health and well-being

σ Property improvements and repairs

σ Consequences of failing to fix unsafe properties

σ Remedial actions to be taken

σ Consequences of avoiding fixing the safety problem

σ Fine related to unsafe rental properties


Extra help and support

During our work with landlords/ladies, they will as well have the opportunity to revisit or regain access to both print and online resources relating to safe rental properties. Support will be given in terms of the understanding of these materials and implications for safe rental properties.

Those landlords/ladies who would like to dip into the issue of safe rental homes, they are free to contact Home Relief.

Need help about safe rental homes this Spring

If you are a landlord/lady and needs some help about the safety issues of your rental properties, why not work with Home Relief?

Need us to inspect your property and advise you on ways of fixing issues relating to safety, please work with Home Relief.

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