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How to weather bad times to rent a property and save in good rent-a-property times


This week we are working with home seekers to find out ways of weathering bad times to rent a property and saving in good rental times.

Weathering the times to rent

Home seekers can rent a property at any times of the year (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter).  There is no a particular season to rent as such, although there are times when the rental market may be favourable or unfavourable to particular home seekers. Besides these favourable or unfavourable markets, there are personnel circumstances that can provide the reasons for the timing to rent.

Reasons that contribute to the season to rent

There are times when the rental market conditions may seem not going to home seekers’ direction for various reasons; conditions which may include the following: 

• Budget constraints

• Home seekers need to give notice where they are living

• Academic or employment reasons

• Health conditions

• Family motives

• Economic crisis

• The coronavirus and lockdown situations


For all these various reasons, home seekers may choose to delay or anticipate the rental decision to take up tenancies of a property, in relation to their personal circumstances and conditions of life.  Let us focus on few of these reasons.

Reason linked to the Russia-Ukraine conflict

To the above personal circumstances, it can be added special events like the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which has led or exacerbated the rises in the prices of energy and food.  When energy (like electricity, gas and water) increases, the cost of renting also rises.  Some landlords/ladies have already notified their tenants that from April 2022 rent will increase.

Renters who may be affected or feel impacted by this crisis may rent or delay their decision to rent depending on the evolution of this conflict.  Those who can afford may not bother about how this crisis is affecting the rental market.  They may rent anyway, like it or not.   

Many home seekers may be asking whether or not this is the right time or season to rent.  Like any other needs (such as needs to eat, dress, drink, etc.), everybody needs somewhere to shelter no matter what is going on in the Black Sea between the Russians and Ukrainians.  Right time or not to rent, this is a matter of personal decision.

Reason relating to the coronavirus 

Home seekers can as well try to think whether or not to rent now as we are in the phase of Living with COVID-19 in England.  For those who really need a place to live, the current phase of the coronavirus does not matter for them. In fact, finding a shelter could help them to better manage their personal circumstances during this phase.

Easter rentals

The same can be said about the Easter time.  Some home seekers may find that it is better to get somewhere to stay and spend Easter in a new home.  On the contrary, the same time may be unsuitable for others.  It is all about weathering the times to rent.    

Customised support

This week’s work with home seekers is also a customised one.  This is because each home seeker has particular circumstances and conditions of life. 

The customised support will include the following: 

√ Identification of individual bad times to rent and good times to rent

√ Development of timely survival rental strategies

√ Time factors to consider when making a rental decision

√ Decision making process regarding the choice of the right time to rent


Saving in good rent-to-property times

Home seekers can as well consider saving as an alternative so that they can rent when the season or timing is favourable to them.  If so, there are saving options that can be looked at.  This week, we are going to look at the saving options available in order to meet home seekers’ rental needs. 

Not sure about the right time to rent

If you are a prospective tenant or home seeker and you are not sure about the best or right time for you to rent; Home Relief can work with you to consider the time factors, economic variables and rental parameters applicable to you as well as support you can get to make an informed decision about the appropriate time for you to rent.

To involve Home Relief in your decision making process about rental times, please contact Home Relief Now! 

Looking for an affordable location and home

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