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How to integrate health elements in your home seeking and buying plans

This is a campaign designed to work with low income families and those who are planning to rent or buy homes.  The focus of this campaign is on health issues, particularly the coronavirus pandemic.

• Why FHH (Families, Homes and Health) is the focus for this week

There are two reasons for this week’s focus in this FHH campaign, which are: choice of budget properties in a budget area by low income earners and health as determinant in this choice.

1) Choice of budget properties in a budget area

People and families with low income earning capacity are often forced to take or choose budget properties in a budget area.  This could raise some concerns about the health conditions inside these properties as well as the health facilities or amenities in this budget (sometimes deprived) area.  This is despite the fact that most sensible landlords/ladies and professional letting/estate agents would cover the health element (by following the professional and legal requirements) in the property service they would offer.

At this time of the continuing lingering effects of health crisis brought by the coronavirus, most of them would include COVID-19 issues in the product/service they are offering in order to protect their customers and the general public.

2) Health as determinant in this choice

The health issue (like the coronavirus pandemic) in a home rental and buying market is very relevant than what one could imagine.  We came across a couple owning a property and discovered after many years of living in that property they bought sometimes ago that it was built on a dangerous site and unsafe land; land subject to a collapse in the future.  The property developers who sold them the land and built the property were no longer on the market.  This is both an environmental and health issue, and it is just one of the many health examples to consider.  

• What FHH will be about

We will be dealing with both indoor health within a home to rent or to buy, and outdoor health outside in the area where renters’ and potential buyers’ future home will be located and the health facilities or amenities with that area.

• How Home Relief can help low income renters/buyers

As you probably know, Home Relief provides all-round residential property services principled by social goals with the aim of reducing housing deprivation for low income people and families.  

Our property relief service does not only provide home seekers and buyers with advice to access a home to live, but also help them to help themselves in effectively running their lives.  

Among the ways of supporting these people and families to effectively run their lives is helping them to rent or buy a home which is healthy and in healthy area with health facilities or amenities.

As part of working with low income earners/families to find homes that meet their health needs; Families, Homes and Health (FHH) will be the topic for discussion with home seekers and buyers this week. 

• Right to a decent home

Regardless of income sizes, all human beings are entitled to live in decent conditions.  The issue of health becomes even a matter of concern when home seekers and or buyers have health conditions and require a particular property to meet those conditions, but cannot afford it.  It is further important in the case of children when they are part of the occupancy of the property to rent or to buy.  Furthermore, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way in which we perceive health matter in the context of home decency as well as in the public life.

This week’s activity with home seekers and buyers will help them to get some insightful tips and hints about the areas of health they need to be fully aware before renting or buying a home.

• What is included in this week’s session?

The session will consider the following issues:

√ Areas of health to check when viewing a property to rent or to buy

√ Health questions and hazards to raise when viewing a property

√ Health history of the property and area (e.g. environmental site)

√ Health infrastructures and amenities in the local area

√ Areas of health you should tick the box for protection against the coronavirus pandemic

√ Environmental health in the local area (for example, an area where there is or used to be a recycling site or with high level of air pollution)


As part of this week’s session, we will look at the areas of law related to health, safety and standards for properties to rent and to buy.  We will as well deal with some aspects of health insurance related to properties to rent and to buy.  Since we are in the continuing context of the coronavirus pandemic, we will as well check what the law and the housing sector say about the coronavirus pandemic as far as property rental and buying are concerned.

• Expected outcomes

We hope that at the end of this week’s health learning process, home seekers and buyers will be or become

√ Health-aware regarding homes to rent or to buy

√ Well informed than they were about health and environmental laws, and their implications for the home buying and rental world

√ Capable of matching their budget with their health demand in their property searches and enquiries

√ More able than before to choose healthy environmental life and lifestyle for themselves and their children

√ Keen in doing some health and environmental searches before renting or buying a property

√ Knowledgeable in protecting their families regarding healthy homes/living

√ Aware of health insurance and protection related to property injuries and issues

√ Familiar with areas of law regarding health issues linked to properties to rent or to buy

√ Confident in integrating health considerations (including the coronavirus pandemic) in their home seeking and buying plans

To find out how this week’s activity may work for you, please contact Home Relief.

Need help and support about Families, Homes and Heath

Simply need health advice related to homes to rent or to buy, work with Home Relief.

Want to know more about this week’s activity, why not work with Home Relief?

For renters/buyers who have already been in the rental/buying process that involved health issues  and would like to share their experience, they can still work with us to explore areas of improvement regarding families, homes and health.

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