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What can bring peace of mind to landlords/ladies in 2022

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We would like to start 2022 property campaign with the theme of peace of mind.  In this first post of the year, the focus will be on landlords’/ladies’ mind and how they can create peace of mind. 

Peace of mind is an expression that often comes as part of lettings assurance from many letting agents.  However, what is peace of mind for landlords/ladies in relation to their renters in 2022?

Creating peace of mind with renters

There are actions that landlords/ladies can take to keep peace with renters and in mind.  These actions are related to immaterial or intangible aspects of lettings that can help achieve material objectives such as rent paid on time,  well maintained property by tenants, etc.

They are personal efforts that any landlord/lady can do in their power of thinking and understanding in order to create and maintain peace with themselves as well as between them and tenants.  Peace of mind does not come accidentally, it is the result of what landlord/lady can do in order to create and maintain it.  This is significantly important whether they are letting their property by themselves or using the service of a lettings agency.  However, what are these efforts that landlords/ladies can do to create peace of mind?

Contributors to peace of mind in 2022

We have identified six contributors or ways of creating peace of mind, which are as follows.

1) Acceptance and trust of renters

The first way of creating peace with renters is to accept them after the selection process has been completed.  It will be unwise for landlords/ladies to give a possession of their property to someone they would not accept or trust. 

This first principle of creating peace of mind applies even if renters are paying them a lot of money.  Their property is such a valued investment that they can only give a tenancy to a person they can accept and trust they will look after it.  

2) Tolerance 

Renters or tenants are human beings.  Like any humans, they can do mistakes.  To keep a healthy working relationship with them, you need to have a certain level of tolerance if there are unwittingly mistakes or human error.  For example, tenants can forget the rent due date or to pay rent.  However, mistakes should not be repetitive or become the operational mode of any tenancy agreed.

3) Think before acting

Before landlords/ladies take action for or against their tenants, they need to carefully think how this decision is going to affect their relationships with tenants or other players (e.g. mortgagee, insurers, etc.).  For example, to increase rent, there could be a need to carefully think. 

4) Respond to your tenants’ calls and emails

Tenants do not call or email their landlords/ladies for the fun of it.  They will call or email because they have a genuine need linked to their rented property.  Landlords/ladies may have or know the history of their property.  Once their property is rented, their tenants are the ones who are experiencing the problems or conditions in the property.  Because of that, peace-minded or attentive landlords/ladies will courteously respond to their tenants’ calls or emails without ignoring them.

5) Resolve dispute skilfully

No matter the types of precautions taken from the onset, any tenancy can lead to disputes since we are dealing with humans.   When disputes occur, using good skills and techniques to resolve them are crucial to create and maintain peace of mind with tenants/renters.

6) Make renters’ health and well-being a top priority

None would like to live in a property that is unhealthy and unfitted for human health.  If the conditions change while tenants are living in, it is in the interest of landlords’/ladies’ peace of mind to fix the problem where the responsibility lies on them.

The above contributors to peace of mind are not the only that can be useful for landlords/ladies.  They could be more.  What is important is that they give some indication on what can bring peace of mind for landlords/ladies as far as property letting and management are concerned.

For those landlords/ladies who would like to dip into them with us or who have any query, please do not hesitate to contact Home Relief.

For those landlords/ladies who are looking for peace of mind as far as property letting and management are concerned, they can work with Home Relief so that we could together find ways of creating peace of mind in relation to them with their current or future property investment.

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