2021 Year-in-Review Recap

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How the year 2021 has gone for Home Relief, Landlords/ladies, Home Buyers and Renters

The current post, which is the 52nd of 2021, is a look back at what has happened in 2021 before entering the New Year.  In order to look back at it, we are going give a brief summary of the year together with the themes and campaigns that made it, as well as the main takeaway from it.

∗ The Year’s Brief Summary

During this ending year, most landlords/ladies and renters (the ones we know), have been preoccupied by the need to get back to normal in-person lettings and rentals, as well as how they can recover from losses incurred because of the COVID-19 and its severe hit on the property letting and rental market.  They also had concern about the way of successfully integrating COVID-19 protection rules into future lettings and rentals as well as how to adapt or transition to virtual lettings and rentals since the coronavirus has not shown any signs of abating.  

During this post-pandemic year, we have engaged with landlords/ladies, home buyers and renters with support and advice in the process of recovery from COVID-19.  There have been mixed stories in terms of outcomes stemming from this engagement as follows:

∝ Some landlords/ladies, home buyers and renters have succeeded in turning things to where they were before COVID-19 started

∝ Others are still struggling to get back on their feet on the property ladder

∝ Still others are showing some signs of recovery

∝ Others even more are displaying the total lack of recovery as COVID-19 has far reaching ramifications in the letting or rental lives.

∗ The Year’s Themes and Campaigns

In order to review the year 2021, we have selected and listed 22 property themes and campaigns for review.  These themes and campaigns, which shaped Home Relief’s work with landlords/ladies and renters during the year 2021, are related to the post-coronavirus recovery.

The 22 property themes and campaigns making our 2021 Year-in-Review Recapping include the following:

1) Making Renters Happy in 2021

2) What Can Bring Happiness to Landlords/ladies?

3) Adaptable Homes for Working-from-home Tenants

4) Private Property Portfolio and Coronavirus Lockdowns

5) Online Property Services

6) Moving Home Safely

7) Lowering the Upfront Costs for Tenants

8) Co-living Home

9) Home Stagging in the Age of COVID-19

10) Re-aligning with Rental Income Growth

11) Landlords/ladies Identity

12) Disputes over Rent Deposit

13) Managing COVID-19 Rental Arrears

14) Rental Accounting Responsibility: Accounts Closure

15) Conversion of Rental Enquiries

16) ‘Mis-renting’ Terms

17) Balanced Appended Terms and Conditions

18) Property Checks and Inventories

19) Response to Maintenance Issues

20) Abandoned Properties

21) Change of Tenant’s Income Circumstances

22) Rent Change 

If you are a Home Relief’s blog reader or follower, you will remember these themes or campaigns.  Otherwise, you can still contact Home Relief for any details regarding them and/or the full story of the year 2021 on how landlords/ladies, home buyers and renters have done.

∗ Main Takeaway from the Year

Most of the points developed in these themes and campaigns are the reflection about concern and problems expressed by landlords/ladies, home buyers and renters regarding the post-pandemic recovery.  Their concern was/has been how to build back and forward from the coronavirus pandemic.  As a result of their concern and expression, we developed the above themes and campaigns (including the ones that have not been listed here) to work with them so that they could mitigate these problems while helping them protect their investments and have a peace of mind.

∗ Looking forward to 2022

With all our best wishes of happy ending year 2021, we hope that 2022 will be a promising year for all landlords/ladies, home buyers and renters.

We thank you for your clientele over 2021 and expect you will renew your loyalty and support in the New Year.

With best wishes of the season!

* Looking for an affordable location and home 

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Thank you for reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits to Home Relief website and to doing business with you throughout the year.

Many thanks!

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