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Backing your rental offer up

How to get your rental offer accepted

This week, we are looking at with renters how to back up their offer and get it accepted by the end of home seeking process.  However, before finding out how to get their rental offer accepted, let us start by clarifying the meaning of offer and issues surrounding it.

What is an offer?

An offer is simply what you as a renter are prepared to pay for the property in order for you to rent it.

How do you make this offer?

You can make this offer verbally or in-person or by phone or by e-mail.

What do you need to be aware of before and after making an offer?

You need to know the following:

∝ There are other renters who are looking for a property to rent and some of them can make a higher offer (e.g. gazumping) compared to yours, even after you have already made an offer

∝ Offers can be subject to contract and or to survey

∝ Your need to define your budget ceiling before making any offer.


Backing your rental offer up

We see so many home seekers viewing properties and showing interest or making an offer on a property.  For some of them, their offers end up accepted.   For others, their offers fail short to go through or simply do not reach the completion stage.

It is known that any rental offer on a property would compete with other existing and potential offers in any ends (high, medium and low) of the market.  Therefore, renters need to try to back up their offer with something tangible (like additional security) so that they can maximise their chance or succeed in their bit to rent their ideal property. 

In particular time like of festive season, this back up is even crucial in a property market where every home seeker, let alone those with ordinary or modest incomes, is hunting for the best possible festive deal to make their housing ends and needs meet before the end of the year if they are planning to move by this time.

Monitoring the progress of your rental offer

It is not enough to make an offer, although the practice is that once an offer made on a property is accepted, this property is labelled as under offer and eventually withdrawn from the market until final completion. 

Home seekers need to back up their offer to increase the chance for their rental applications to reach the final stage.  They need additional security for their rental offer to be converted into a buy.  They need to closely monitor their offer made and follow its progress and development. 

For some landlords/ladies, once an offer is made, the property is put under offer (or on hold) and they are not open to listen to other offers.  For other landlords/ladies, it is not the case.  They can still open their minds to other counter-offers until they get the best possible deal.  They may as well think that renters can still change their minds.

A learning week for renters

This week, renters can learn or relearn the way of backing up their rental offer so that their offer reaches the conversion stage.  They will also have the opportunity to understand the rental selection process and criteria in order for their rental applications to be considered instead of that of their competitors.

Extra help and support

Additionally, we shall share the available resources both in print and online on the topic of rental offer and the way of backing it up. 

Planning to make a festive rental offer

If you are planning to make a festive rental offer or has already made it and need to back it, this week’s session is the right one for you through Home Relief.  


Just contact us NOW to work with you and help you to secure the best possible accommodation deal!  We are ready to TAKE your FESTIVE PLANS or APPLICATIONS FURTHER.   

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