Settling in a New Home, New Area and New Academic Year

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How to adapt to a new living environment

Adapting to a new living environment (like a new home, new area and new academic year) can be easier for some new home renters.  For others, it may not be easier or it may even be frustrating or simply take longer than one would have thought.  

This week, we are working together with new renters to support them in managing the settling-in process as a new home renter in a new area in a new academic year.

We will be particularly looking at the all set-up that those who are newly moving in a new home as renters can match in order to make the process easier while they will be living there and managing their tenancy as agreed with their landlords/ladies and or managing agents.  

This is about looking at property management and maintenance from the tenants’ point of view rather than from the landlords’/ladies’ perspective. 

Property management and maintenance from tenants’ perspective

To successfully manage and maintain your new home as a new renter, it is advisable to follow the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement and any additional agreements you have made with your managing agents and or landlords/ladies. 

There are as well areas of law that new renters need be aware as the tenancy law sometimes does change.  For example, there are new legislations regarding eviction notices consisting of new versions of Section 8 (prescribed via Form 3) and Section 21 (materialised through Form 6a) Notices are now in force since the 1st of October 2021.    

If the change occurs and is going to affect their rental situation, then they need to know it.  For instance, with the enduring coronavirus, there could be areas of health and safety that renters need to know about for their own health and safety and in the interest of public health as well.  It is as well wise to follow what the law says about COVID-19 vaccines and testing programme.

Alternatively, their managing agents and or landlords/ladies would inform them of any changes in the interest of the two contractual parties and their witnesses.  To be on a safe side, it is better to ask them if there is any change that you need to be aware of.

∧ Benefits in better managing a property as a tenant

There are benefits in better managing and maintaining a property as a tenant.  Just to mention the few of them, it is useful to argue that better management and maintenance by the tenants can help…

√ To stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect tenants’ health

√ To protect tenants’ deposit and any other money paid as security

√ To stop tenants from any breach of the tenancy agreement

√ To secure their reference for future tenancies

√ To prevent conflicting situations with their managing agents and landlords/ladies

√ To safeguard their credit records history and score

√ To protect the indoor and outdoor environments, etc. 

This is so vital in the world where there is online database of bad tenants in the market.

∧ Knowing your new home and new area

This week’s process of working together with new renters in this new academic year goes further as we are going as well to touch upon the things to be aware around your new home and new area. 

Moving in a new area means that your need to know your neighbourhood and the basics about the local area.  Already when putting an offer on your property or before you move in, the letting negotiators/agents or new landlord/lady would have provided you with a profile of vital statistics and key information about the area.  If not, you would have yourself done some searches online and in print or store resources about the area. 

It is vital to learn to know the area where you will be living, shopping on daily basis, commuting, using open spaces and amenities, perhaps doing your education and working there.

Again, this knowledge of your local area can help to protect you, save money, keep you safe and secure, make you be part of the locals and keep you informed and make informed decisions. 

At this time of enduring coronavirus pandemic, it is vital to know the evolution of the epidemiological curves (“epi-curves”) of COVID-19 infection in your local area and any additional measures or restrictions locally taken to protect yourself and others.  And if you have a smart phone and able to download COVID-19 tracing app, it is wise to do it to stay informed and updated about the continuing spread of the virus.

∧ Settling in a new academic year

If you are a student or academic staff, it is also worthwhile to do some searches about what it looks like privately renting a property in a new academic year.  The home where you will be living for the entire life of your academic year can impact your goals and outcomes if you are not properly settled in.  A good settlement can positively impact your performance and state of mind and body to successfully study and or work.

Generally, many educational establishments provide information about student and staff accommodation and advisory service related to this area of educational provisioning.  In our process this week, we are only dealing with the case of those who would like to privately rent and want to understand the ins and outs so that they can make informed decisions.

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