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Why to invest in fixtures and fittings that produce good results with less efforts and less waste

As part of tenant retention policy, we are going to e-discuss with landlords/ladies fixtures and fittings they provide in the context of the letting and management of furnished residential properties.  This discussion will follow our last week’s work on response to maintenance issues.  To start, let us summarise the following key points of this week’s work.

The aim of this week’s work

The work on efficient fixtures and fittings aims at protecting landlords’/ladies’ interest and investment through the provision of efficient fixtures and fittings, particularly in the context of residential letting and management done under the agreement between the two sides of the tenancy agreement (landlord/lady and tenant) that the property will be furnished.  What do we mean by efficient fixtures and fittings?

Efficient fixtures and fittings

Within the residential property lettings and management literature, fixtures are permanent items affixed or attached or fixed.  Examples of fixtures include: cupboards, door handles, electrical sockets, light switches, satellite dishes, television aerials, security alarms, door bells, boilers, toilets, showers, fireplaces, etc.

Fittings are any things not attached.  Examples of fittings are: carpets, curtains, poles, blinds, tables, chairs, mirrors, fridges, freezers, washing machines, tumble dryers, etc.

Both fixtures and fittings need to be efficient, that is they should produce good results with less efforts and less waste.  However, in real life it is not always the case.  Sometimes, it happens that landlords/ladies do not provide efficient fixtures and fittings as the following case shows.

Case study of inefficient fitting: A second hand washing machine

This is a story of a landlord who wanted to provide a washing machine as part of agreed tenancy terms.  He purchased a second hand washing machine without guarantee from a second hand shop. 

One day after this machine was delivered to the tenant/rental property, the washing machine stopped working.  The tenant called the landlord to inform him about the situation as the property was managed by the landlord.  The landlord called to the property to check the washing machine and arranged for a repairer to come down to look at it. 

The washing machine repairer called to the property while the landlord was there.  He looked at it and tested it.  The machine did not work at all.  The repairer told the landlord that it was not worth repairing it since the machine was too hold and the model was discontinuous. 

The landlord spent £70 to purchase this machine and £25 for a call charge paid to the repairer.  In total, he wasted £95.  This is let alone his own time, transport and pressure. 

This example is just of the many telling why it is better to invest in efficient fixtures and fittings, not way around or cutting corners.

Points to consider during this week’s discussion

The discussion will revolve around the following points:

∝ reason behind efficient fixtures and fittings

consequences of purchasing inefficient fixtures and fittings

cost-efficiency of fixtures and fittings

∝ calculation of saving that one could make via efficient fixtures and fittings 

∝ efficiency, health, safety and the environment

∝ energy efficient and saving fixtures and fittings


Anticipated results or changes

At the end of this week’s process or in the near future, one could expect that landlords/ladies will

√ be better aware of efficient fixtures and fittings

√ make better decision and choice when investing in fixtures and fittings

√ avoid conflicts with their tenants as result of inefficient fixtures and fittings

√ able to better allocate their resources to fixtures and fittings

√ and above all save money, time and pressure

Extra help and support

We shall share resources (both in print and online) relating to fixtures and fittings matter.  Landlords/ladies will be provided additional leads in terms of professionals dealing with fixtures and fittings in the context of residential property lettings and management.

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