Help to Rent in the New Academic Year

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Helping renters to find accommodation this new academic year


Our campaign for home rentals and lets in the new academic year continues this week with Help to Rent as the main feature and part of our rental brand.  It continues because there is still some unmet demand of accommodation for certain types of home seekers. 

Who make this unmet demand?

The types of renters making it include the following:

• Home seekers (such as students, academics, families relocating to start a new school term, etc.) who are still looking for accommodation

• Those who are resuming their economic activity after lockdowns or self-isolation because of the coronavirus

• Ordinary people and families who are struggling to find affordable locations and constantly looking for cheap places to rent

• Those who do not earn enough to buy their own homes

• Those who are looking for budget areas and properties to rent

For most of them, they may face a long rental journey to travel and need some help to rent before they can effectively rent a property.

We are offering to all these prospective tenants and home seekers Help-to-Rent service to shorten and smooth their rental journey. 

What is Help to Rent from Home Relief’s perspective?

Help to Rent is a scheme run by Home Relief, scheme aiming at helping ordinary renters get in the property rental market. 

It is an extra service designed by Home Relief as part of its rental brand to help reduce home deprivation by working with those who are looking for affordable homes and finding it difficult because of their conditions of life, circumstances of work, employment and income status or budget limitations.

This Help to Rent has to be contextualised and customised according to renters’ needs and landlords’/ladies’ requirements. 

What is included in Help to Rent by Home Relief?

As part of this week’s Help-to-Rent, our home-renting campaign will include two areas of focus: raising awareness about Help to Rent support and products from Home Relief, and home-finding solutions for those who are finding it hard to rent.

(1) Raising awareness about Home Relief’s Help-to-Rent support service and products

Home Relief Tenant’s Help-To-Rent support includes the following:

Rental file and profiling, Review of tenants’ social media accounts, Property searches, Applications advice, Forms filling surgeries, Reference package and profiling, Digital forms filling, Video previews of properties to let before visits, Deposit and rent in advance schemes, Building credit records history, Mediation and advocacy, Rental legislation clinics, Protection advice against the coronavirus, and Property rental in the era of COVID-19.

For further details about the contents of each these areas of support or products, contact Home Relief.

(2) Providing home-renting solutions to ordinary home seekers

Raising awareness about Home Relief’s Help-to-Rent products and knowing them is not enough unless one applies or uses this Help-to-Rent.

Their use is what would make a helpful difference in the lives of those ordinary people and families in need of accommodation.  Help to Rent can make rental life easier, less stressful and cost effective.

So, our feature for this week is the types of Help-to-Rent one can get when renting through Home Relief.

Need help before renting a property, please e-work with Home Relief.


If you are looking for an affordable location and home, Home Relief is the people dealing with affordable homes you could consider in your property searches and enquiries.

For more information about our property service to home buyers and tenants, please go to

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For properties to rent and let, go to

For weekly property news and updates, please read our weekly posts.

Thank you for reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits to Home Relief website and to doing business with you throughout the year.

Many thanks!

Home Relief – freelance e-property people dealing with affordable homes


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