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How to minimise the detrimental impacts of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions on co-housing setup

This week, we will be working with those renters who have been forced to take the co-living path/option in the property market.  We are as well going to work with private landlords/ladies who provide or may want to provide co-living accommodation.  There are reasons why the two sides of co-living agreement may want this sort of arrangement.

Why do renters co-live and landlords/ladies provide co-living properties?

Not everybody can afford to rent outright the full house or flat by themselves.  Those living on low income may be forced to share with others.  They could as well have serious other reasons pushing them to go co-living.  Amongst the co-living renters, there are young people, students, families, older generation, etc.

Landlords/ladies may too have their own motive that leads them to provide this sort of accommodation.  It is could more convenient or cost-effective for them to invest in this sort of co-living properties than to letting and managing other types of properties. 

Whatever the reason both landlords/ladies and renters may have , they need to understand this rental model before embracing it.

What is a co-living home?

Within the property jargon or literature, co-living home is on average defined as a residential home living model that accommodates two or more biologically unrelated people or individuals.  It is part of sharing economy and can have some benefits such as access to locations (or areas) and properties that a co-living renter may otherwise could not afford.  However, like any other products or services in the housing market, the co-living rental model has not been exempted from the damaging effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 as a challenge to co-living setup

Since the coronavirus broke out and subsequent restrictions were put in place, this model of living together has been challenged.  This challenge has been felt by both landlords/ladies and renters.  

For landlords/ladies providing this sort of accommodation, they have to put in place a number of health and safety facilities beside the usual requirements relating to houses in multiple occupation. 

For co-living renters, they have to follow additional health and safety measures to live in this sort of accommodation. 

These extra health and safety requirements mean for both landlords/ladies and renters that they need to overcome this new challenge if they opt for co-living setup for letting and renting purposes respectively.

Navigating way out the COVID-19 challenge

This week, we are going to work with both landlords/ladies and renters to find out ways of minimising the impacts from the coronavirus challenge and its side effects on co-living homes. 

After working together with them, one can hope that each party will be able to navigate their own way out this challenge to the co-living rental setup as the easing of the pandemic-related restrictions and the resumption of mobility continue to make pace. 

Those landlords/ladies and renters who would be interested in this week’s topic of co-living homes, they are free to contact Home Relief.

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