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How to manage compliance issues

This week’s planned work with landlords/ladies will be on property compliance issues, on landlords’/ladies’ obedience in terms of the overall condition of the property and its contents. This week’s work builds on the Safe Rental Homes which we dealt with last week.

There are standards and regulatory obligations as far as rental properties are concerned. Most professional landlords/ladies would make sure that their rental properties comply with these legislation and regulatory standards.

However, since the coronavirus broke out, there have been two phenomena. On one hand, many rental properties have been made COVID-19 compliant. On the other, there are still properties on the market that are failing the compliance test for the pre-coronavirus compliance area.

At this current level of market knowledge and information, it is difficult to assert that this lack of compliance has been the result of the pressure that the coronavirus has put on the rental sector and landlords/ladies in particular. Whether or not the coronavirus has brought enormous pressure to everything and body, this should not be an excuse for not to comply with rental legislation and regulatory standards.

As part of the process of supporting landlords/ladies, but not to punish them, Home Relief will be working with those of them who are experiencing some difficulties in this area of compliance. Our work with them will cover such areas as

. Safe rental properties

. Habitable condition (to check for potential compliance issues and hazards such as damp, smoke alarms, poor living conditions, etc.)

. Sector regulation on compliance issues

. Serious versus minor compliance issues

. Property inspections and reports

. Evidence about the overall condition of the property and its contents

. Permitted or legal tenants

. Visiting in person versus virtual property visits

. Records of inspections and reports

. A comprehensive inventory


Additionally, we shall share with landlords/ladies the mosaic of both print and online resources on the matter of compliance.

One can hope that at the end of this week’s process, landlords/ladies will know where they stand on the compliance matter.

Those landlords/ladies who would be interested in this week’s topic of compliance, they are free to contact Home Relief.

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