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Monday  22 March  2021

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How families can overcome barriers and find a home to rent or buy within the catchment area schools of their choice

This week, we will be going out of our way by working together with families to help them search affordable homes in the area where they would like to find schools for their children.

As you probably know, Home Relief provides all-round residential property services principled by social goals with the aim of reducing housing deprivation for low income people and families.   Our property relief service does not only provide home seekers and buyers with  homes to live, but also help them to help themselves in effectively running their lives such as meeting educational needs for families with children.

As part of working with low income earners/families to find homes that meet their children needs; Homes, Families and Schools (HFS) as a topic will be discussed with home seekers and buyers this week.

What HFS is about

HFS is progressive session of home advice given by Home Relief to ordinary families looking to rent or to buy a property in the catchment area schools that are closer to their choices. 

The advice, which uses a holistic approach, will be about working with them to consider all the circumstances about them (including their children), properties and schools that are on the market as well as market factors. 

The session is run in such as a way that they can have a fair balance between their family circumstances, the type of homes and schools they are looking for; in doing so this will enable them to make an informed decision.  

Forced home choices and average schools for ordinary families?

Often, ordinary families and low income earners have a very limited choice for both affordable homes to rent (or to buy) and preferred schools of their choices for their children.  This type of home seekers and buyers, when they are looking for affordable homes within the catchment area schools at the top of the class, may often settle with a forced choice of getting homes closer to the national average grade schools only.  At this time of coronavirus pandemic, this limitation is also constraigned by the need to protect against the pandemic.

Because these families have very limited incomes, it does not mean that the academic potentials and ambitions of their children have to be limited to unaffordable homes and forced choices of schools.

The HFS campaign will help these families to alleviate these two barriers or constraints (i.e. unaffordable homes and not-preferred schools) by supporting them as much as possible with information, advice, tips and guidance on these two matters.  This would help them to get the best least possible choice on the housing and educational markets. 

Attention readers!

The purpose of this week’s activity is to work with home seekers and buyers to reduce barriers in finding homes to rent or buy within the catchment area schools of their choice.  The purpose of this week’s session is NOT to find schools for their children. 

Expectations about this week’s campaign

Home Relief hopes that this week’s campaign will enable families seeking to rent or buy homes to the following

√ Get as much as information they need and make informed decisions and choices for homes to rent or buy while taking into account the educational needs of their children

√ Boost their own home renting and buying search skills (skills to find a home to rent or buy and skills to find preferred schools for kids)

√ Better use of property finder, catchment area checker and school finder online services

√ Make better home renting and buying planning (including budgeting)

√ Discuss ways of improving their status (their earning capacities and references) as home renters and buyers

√ Enhance their home seeking and buying applications in order to be within the catchment area schools of their choices or their children’s choices

Get informed on how the current changing and exiting economic climate will affect property rental and buying conditions for ordinary families as well as the right to choose schools

√ Include the coronavirus factor when making plans to rent or buy a property within the catchment area schools of their choice

This week’s campaign is therefore about giving a choice to low income families.

In the end, the all process of this week’s campaign is for them to generate a property rental or a property buy that includes both affordability and school preference.

Need home advice in relation to catchment area schools, work with Home Relief!


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