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Monday  28 December  2020

by the Property  Team

Post No. 173

How the year 2020 has been for Home Relief, Landlords/ladies, Home Buyers and Renters

The current post is the last and 50th of 2020.  It is a step back that looks at what has happened in 2020 before entering the New Year. 

In order to review the year 2020, we have selected and listed 21 property themes and campaigns that shaped Home Relief’s work with followers and supporters during the year 2020.  The selected themes and campaigns are either related to coronavirus or lockdown or tier system of restrictions.

This selection is based on the fact that the coronavirus has been the dominant factor in the housing market this year and its ramifications are still felt in the letting and rental sector.  As we report on Home Relief, the non-essential retail is close in tier four of COVID-19 system of restrictions.

During this challenging pandemic year, we have engaged landlords/ladies, home buyers and renters with support and advice in order for them to turn around the adverse effects of the COVID-19 shock to their gains.  Some of them succeeded while others are still struggling in dealing with the COVID-19 and lockdown effects.

The 21 property themes and campaigns making our 2020 year-in-review recap include:

1) Coronavirus, Lettings and Rentals

2) Coronavirus, Creativity and Adaptable Homes

3) Coronavirus and Residential Property Management

4) Coronavirus and Essential Private Property Rental Maintenance

5) Engaging Landlords/ladies and Renters during the Coronavirus Crisis

6) Coronavirus-led Vacant Properties

7) COVID-19 and Private Landlords/ladies Property Portfolio

8) COVID-19 Rental Fallout

9) Back to Rental under COVID-19 Constraint

10) COVID-19 Rental Payment Fallout

11) COVID-19 Secure Summer Short-term Lets & Rentals 

12) Post-lockdown Holiday Lettings

13) COVID-19 Proof Holiday Rentals

14) Property Checks & Inventories in the Era of COVID-19

15) The Second Lockdown 

16) Coronavirus, Lockdown, Creativity and Adaptable Homes

17) Residential Private Property Management and the Second Lockdown    

18) Coronavirus, Lockdown and Essential Property Maintenance  

19) Property Lettings and Rentals in the context of Three-tiered System of Restrictions

20) Private Residential Property Lettings in the Three-tiered System of Restrictions

21) Private Residential Property Rentals in the Three-tiered System of Restrictions

If you are a Home Relief’s blog reader or follower, you will remember these themes or campaigns.  Otherwise, you can still contact Home Relief for any details regarding them and/or the full story of the year 2020.

Most of the points developed in these themes and campaigns are the reflection about concern and problems expressed by landlords/ladies, home buyers and renters regarding COVID-19 and its ramifications in the letting and rental sector.  As a result of their expression, we developed the above themes and campaigns to mitigate these problems and help them protect their investments and have a peace of mind.

With all the best wishes of happy ending year 2020 and of promising year 2021!

We thank you for your clientele over 2020 and hope we will renew your loyalty and support in the New Year.

With best wishes of the season!

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Thank you for reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits to Home Relief website and to doing business with you throughout the year.

Many thanks!

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