Property Lettings and Rentals in the Context of Three-tiered System

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Monday  30 November  2020

by the Property  Team

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Private Residential Property Management in the Context of Localisation of COVID-19 Management

How the three-tiered system after COVID-19 lockdown 2 may affect landlords’/ladies’ property letting and tenants’ rental interests

This week, we will be working with landlords/ladies and renters on the management of private residential properties in the context of three-tiered local lockdown system to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

For example, the control of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic requires the use of face coverings, regular hand washing and the keeping of doors and windows open for good air ventilation during property viewings. 

There are print and online resources published by the UK Government and property organisations which cover the coronavirus three-tiered system or the local lockdown restrictions.  However, not everybody understands every single piece of this information. 

For those landlords/ladies and renters who are having some problems in interpreting these resources, we will be working with them on the UK Government reverted localised system of managing the coronavirus pandemic, especially on how it affects property lettings and rentals.

Areas of working together to be covered

Our work with them will consider three key areas:

(1) Working together to understand the COVID-19 alert system in relation to property lettings and rentals

(2) Finding out the extent to which the three-tiered system may affect their individual letting or rental interest depending on the tier (tier 1 or 2 or 3) the property is in

(3) Exploring with them the best way to follow their tier rules as far as lettings or rentals are concerned

What does this working together mean in practical terms?

Points to consider on a practical level

We shall together try to deal with the following identified pointers:

√ Restricted level of interactions between landlords/ladies and tenants

√ Letting or rental in-person

√ Property listing

√ Length of notice ahead of property visit

√ Maintenance work and safety checks

√ Viewings under strict safety guidelines and/or safely remote viewings

√ Arrangement about tradespeople

√ Property preparation for incoming tenants

√ Rearrangement of repair work

√ Virtual property valuations

√ Social distancing and hygiene measures during visits 


Some of these points relate to landlords/ladies and others to both landlords/ladies and renters.

Expectations from this week’s working together

One would hope that at the end of this week’s activity, landlords/ladies and renters will be

√ Better informed about the tier in which their property or interest is

√ Considering the implications of belonging to a particular tier in terms of property letting or rental requirements

√ Minimising or nullifying the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the context of lettings or rentals

√ Maintaining safe and healthy relationships between them (landlords/ladies and tenants)

√ Not upsetting the functioning and structure of their tier so that they can get throughout the coronavirus crisis safely and healthily

√ Protecting their interest and investment

√ Having peace of mind as they will be fully aware of the rules of the game


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