Residential Private Property Management  and the Second Lockdown

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Monday  16 November  2020

by the Property  Team

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Residential Private Property Management  and the Second Lockdown

How to put in place alternative arrangements for property management in the context of the second lockdown


This week, we will be virtually working on essential and non-essential aspects of residential property management within the context of decontamination in non-clinical settings and social distancing requirements for managed properties in order to slow down and contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic during the second lockdown and beyond.

The purpose of this week’s work

The purpose of this week’s work is to adapt aspects of residential private property management to suit the situation of this difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic while protecting the interests of the parties in the contractual agreement.

This adaptation can be done without going against the legal framework and the housing sector rules, however by working together with landlords/ladies to support them in putting in place property management plan or alternative arrangement that reflects the current context of second lockdown. 

It is hoped that the adaptation will secure peace of mind and protect landlords’/ladies’ property investment against any threats brought by the coronavirus and related lockdown. 

This kind of adaptation could mean rethink some aspects of property management.

Rethinking essential and non-essential maintenance, emergency and non-emergency works

As the coronavirus pandemic crisis continues, there are renters and landlords/ladies who may be having to rethink any issues or works related to the property management, particularly they have to rethink between essential and non-essential issues or works, between emergency and non-emergency ones.  Alternatively, they may have to remember what happened to property management during the first shock wave of the coronavirus pandemic and first lockdown.

At this time of the second lockdown, everybody including renters and landlords/ladies should follow the government’s guidance and the NHS advice.    We will apply as much as we can this guidance within the context of residential property management.

Context of self-isolation and social distancing rules

Within the contexts of self-isolation and social distancing requirements, both landlords/ladies and tenants are required to only communicate via phone, text and email.  If landlords/ladies follow the government’s guidance and the NHS advice, they should not arrange any inspections or non-essential works during this period unless it cannot be avoided.  The same, tenants are advised against having visitors in the property. 

However, where for example a tenant has a mental health issue or is classified as a vulnerable person, there are different provisions from the government; provisions which both landlords/ladies and tenants need to explore and to be aware since these provisions could be different in the second lockdown from the first lockdown.

How to deal with maintenance issues during the second lockdown

Like in the first lockdown, in the second lockdown tenants may have maintenance issues, but may find it difficult to ask their landlords/ladies or managing agents to deal with these issues.  To help both contractual parties to manage management issues during this exceptional time of the coronavirus and lockdown, we will be discussing with them how to go about them. 

For example, we will be relooking at together what is essential and non-essential repair or visit or cleaning at managed properties at this time of the coronavirus pandemic.     

How we will be working with them

This week, we are working with them via ONLY phone, text, email and contact form to try to find alternative arrangements for property management in the critical context of life-threatening impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Like many of us, renters and landlords/ladies are searching ways of adapting to this new difficult situation.

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