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Monday  03 August  2020

by the Property  Team

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Keeping up with Rent payments during Uncertain Times of Covid-19

How to save your accommodation

During any difficult times, there is always a tendency for rental payment commitment to be difficult to be kept, especially when renters are experiencing enormous income pressure. 

In times of exceptional crisis like of Covid-19, the possibility of delaying or failing to pay rent by renters is even highly probable greater.  In this exceptional situation of Covid-19 and rent fallout, it is possible for tenants to find ways of keeping up with rent payments.

This week, we are going to e-work with renters on possible ways of keeping up with rent payments during the life of their tenancy agreement despite the Covid-19 pressure. 

The aim of this week’s e-working activity

The main aim of this week’s e-working activity is to help renters save their accommodation by exploring ways of keeping up with rent payments within the difficult context of Covid-19 economic pressure, while respecting other contractual commitments as provided by the tenancy agreement and agreed appended documents to it.

What this week’s activity with renters will achieve

One can hope that the following can be achieved in the near future:

√ Avoidance of post-coronavirus eviction after the expiration of the probationary period of non-eviction as part of the measures to support renters set up by the UK Government during the Covid-19 period

√ Save renters’ tenancy and right to live somewhere

√ Protect renters’ credit history and reference

√ Keep renters’ accommodation in this difficult and uncertain time

√ Prevent any unnecessary costly legal actions in the near future   

√ Protect renters’ deposit protection money

√ Keep renters away from any other financial liabilities related to rent default


Some of the tenants may be failing behind their rent payments or not simply paying rent not necessarily because they refuse to pay.  They may be facing personal circumstances beyond their own control like losing a job or earning capacity due to the coronavirus pandemic impacts and economic recession.  They may need to have access or knowledge about keeping up with rent payments.

Ways of keeping up with rent payments

They include the following:

√ Maintaining channels of communication with your landlord/lady or letting/managing agents

√ Setting up rent payment or repayment plans

√ Discussing rent postponement or delay options

√ Exploring insurance policies or covers on rent where renters could be eligible

√ Finding a person to guarantee rent payments

√ Proposing rent reduction to your landlord/lady

√ Researching rent guarantee schemes

√ Thinking of rent leasing,

√ Finding a new earning activity or reliable source of income, etc.

What is expected as outcomes or outputs from this week’s activity

One could hope that following this week’s e-work, renters will become…

√ Self-confident in keeping up with rent payments

√ Better informed on rent payment options

√ Active solutions-seekers to rent problems

√ Skilful and rent problems solver


Need to find out or discuss how to keep up with your rent payments, you can consider e-working with Home Relief.


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Many thanks!

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