Covid-19-Proof Private Holiday Rentals

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Monday  27 July  2020

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Covid-19-Proof Private Holiday Rentals

Before renting a holiday accommodation, what you need to be aware of

Our Summer campaign on short-term rentals is still on as we are e-working on Covid-19-Proof Private Holiday Rentals this week.  We will be e-working with renters on what they need to know before agreeing to a private holiday rental, especially at this time of the coronavirus pandemic.  During this special time, renting a private holiday accommodation is not the same like in the pre-coronavirus period.

The purpose of this week’s work

This week’s work is to inform holiday renters about the new normal they may face in terms of health and safety in the private rental market when renting a holiday accommodation at this time of Covid-19 and partial lockdown.

It is also about providing the tools to protect and safeguard their rental interest while reducing the risk of loss of income due to the lack of information and misinformation as things keep changing during this gradual process of the lockdown. 

It will further help them make informed decisions and choices when looking or renting holiday accommodation whether they do it through Home Relief or private landlords/ladies or online/print searches.

This week’s work will indeed be about providing general information on holiday rental as well as specific details about renting a private holiday accommodation in the Covid-19 predominant environment of Summer 2020.

What the e-work with renters will cover

Our work with them will cover the following areas:

√ Types of holiday accommodation

√ Areas of holiday accommodation

√ Sizes of holiday accommodation

√ Renting as a group or an individual or even a family

√ Costs of holiday accommodation (including rent inclusive or exclusive of bills)

√ Methods of payment including payments in advance, reservations and bookings

√ Holiday accommodation as a package or part of travel package

√ Essential safety to check for their protection (e.g. safety of the buildings and contents as well as buildings, contents and public liability insurances for holiday accommodation)

√ Key aspects of protection against the coronavirus pandemic in terms of property disinfection, household hygiene and other elements of cleaning in the context of a holiday rental (e.g. whether or not their future holiday accommodation is Covid-19-Proof before they visit it and move in) 

√ How and where to find affordable holiday accommodation

√ Online holiday rental versus physical holiday rental

√ Covid-19-proof holiday rental process (from finding a place to rental completion to getting the keys)

The above matters to be covered will be indicative only as renters may have their specific demands and needs, in which case we shall try to customise the session on their request.

What’s more!

This week’s activity will additionally provide some resources (both print and online) on private holiday rentals, as well as some leads to private holiday accommodation advisory services or providers. 

Those who are looking for holiday accommodation for themselves or a third party can register their needs of private holiday rentals.

To register your need of private holiday accommodation or for somebody else, just phone or email or complete our online contact form on this site. 


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Thank you for reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits to Home Relief website and to doing business with you throughout the year.

Many thanks!

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