Post-lockdown Holiday Lettings

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Monday  20 July  2020

by the Property  Team

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What you need to know before you start your holiday lettings

This week, our Summer campaign on short-term lets will focus on Holiday Lettings during the gradual lockdown.  We will be dealing with what landlords/ladies need to know before embarking on holiday lettings given the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has not been yet eradicated.

The purpose of this week’s e-work

The purpose of this week’s activity is to e-work with landlords/ladies who are planning to let their properties as a holiday let so that they can do it knowing the pros and cons while minimising any risks and safeguarding their property interest and investment with peace of mind at this difficult time of gradual lockdown of the economy.

This week’s work will help them to find out that there is always a Covid-19 secure way of letting their properties as a holiday let during this pandemic period; way that is safe, healthy and hassle-free.  To do that they need to be fully aware about the elements guaranteeing any secure holiday lets.

Areas of awareness about Covid-19 secure holiday lettings

Areas of interest and awareness for this week’s campaign about post-lockdown Holiday Lets will cover the following:

• Permission to proceed to a holiday letting including legal restriction and prevention from holiday lets for landlords/ladies

• Holiday letting as a one-off (or occasional) income generation or a business venture

• Lender’s consent on a residential mortgaged property for holiday letting

• Safety regulations related to buildings and contents for letting purposes

• Health and safety measures related to Covid-19

• Tax matters for holiday lettings

• Buildings, contents and public liability insurances for holiday letting

• How and where to find holiday renters

• Holiday letting process (from finding holiday renters to letting completion)

The above matters to be covered will be indicative only as landlords/ladies will be directed or signposted to relevant people or organisations dealing some of them.

What’s more!

This week’s activity will provide an occasion for landlords/ladies to have some resources (both print and online) on holiday lettings, as well as some leads to legal expertise on the matter. 

Additionally, there will be specific advice on areas of protection against the coronavirus pandemic since the holiday letting market is still experiencing the negative effects of this pandemic. 

For those landlords/ladies who are already following health and safety restrictions related the coronavirus, they can still have the opportunity to enhance or share their practice on matters such as home disinfection against the traces of coronavirus, social distancing during viewings, face coverings for life-saving and necessary maintenance work, etc. 

Landlords/ladies can take the opportunity of this week’s activity to add their spare holiday or short-term properties (that is rooms, studios, flats and houses) to rent to Home Relief’s list of properties available.

To add your spare holiday properties to Home Relief’s list, just phone or email or complete our online contact form on this site. 

To e-work with Home Relief on Covid-19 secure Holiday Lettings, just contact:

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Thank you for reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits to Home Relief website and to doing business with you throughout the year.

Many thanks!

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