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Monday  29 June  2020

by the Property  Team

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How to build back better your return from the lockdown

Many prospective tenants and landlords/ladies are still having problems to cope with side effects of the coronavirus pandemic and post crippling lockdown.  As far as renters are concerned, they are still wondering about the healthiest and safest way of renting a property.  Regarding landlords/ladies, some of them are still having unanswered questions such as thinking whether or not it is the right time to let their properties since they have to manage their own personal life from the adverse effects of Covid-19 and lockdown.

This week, we will be e-working with these two sides of the rental process so that they can steadily make again their rental steps as the unlocking of housing market continues.  The purpose of this week’s e-work is to support them find their appropriate pace and speed to build back better their return from the lockdown.

In a typical business scenario, a business that has been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic will prepare itself before reopening after the lockdown.  For individuals like renters and landlords/ladies, what kinds of preparation they can make to build back better their return from the lockdown?

This week, we will e-work with landlords/ladies and renters to find out the kinds of preparation they can make, especially for those who are still hesitant to take up steps in an unlocked housing market.


What this week’s e-work can achieve

One can hope through this week’s process of building back better return the following can be achieved:

√ Develop build-back-better-return goals and path

√ Regain the confidence lost in the housing market

√ Develop a plan to return safely and healthily

√ Invest in building back better

√ Manage the risks of return from the lockdown

√ Measure outcomes and results/benefits of returning

√ Set up a monitoring and evaluation process to deal with the return



What difference this week’s process will make for landlords/ladies and renters

One could also hope that landlords/ladies and renters will be or become better

√ Self-confident with the new normal in the unlocked housing market

√ Aware about safe and healthy rental steps

√ Planners of their own return or returning journey

√ Investors in building back better

√ Managers of risks associated with the return

√ Monitors and evaluators of their own return

√ Checkers of their outcomes achieved during the return process


Through this week’s activity, we will have the opportunity to share resources (both print and online) with landlords/ladies and renters; resources regarding making steps and progress in an unlocked housing market.

Need to build back better your return from the lockdown, this is an opportunity to e-work with Home Relief.

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Thank you for reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits to Home Relief website and to doing business with you throughout the year.

Many thanks!

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