Private Rental Contract Changes

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Monday  22 June  2020

by the Property  Team

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Rental Responses to Covid-19

Case of Private Rental Contract Change


There have been many ways of responding to the Covid-19 outbreak and its related consequences by both sides of the rental process (landlords/ladies and tenants).  Amongst these responses are the following: reduced rent, rent repayment plan, contract shift, early end of tenancy agreement, etc.

As some landlords/ladies and tenants continue to experience difficulties in their rental agreements and relationships despite the reopening of the housing market, there could be a need to look at some of these responses in terms of their effectiveness and problems-solving feature. One of these responses is contract change which will be the focus of our e-work this week.

Private Rental Contract changes

Usually, a tenancy agreement cannot be changed unless both parties agree to the changes.  If both parties agree, the change should be recorded in writing either by drawing up a new tenancy agreement or by amending the existing agreement.

In difficult circumstances like of Covid-19, contract change can be used if the two parties want to continue the tenancy under new terms.  One of the contract changes is a rolling tenancy.

A rolling tenancy is a statutory periodic tenancy that rolls each month, according to the rent period.  So, if a tenancy is paid monthly it will roll from month to month. 

Like in any tenancy, there are pros and cons regarding a rolling tenancy.  One of the problems of a month-to-month rental contract is the lack of security between the two contractual parties in terms of the length of stay in the property.

This week, we are e-working with landlords/ladies and tenants to explore the practicals in terms of contract change or shift to enable the two parties to cope with the Covid-19 pressure. 

What this week’s e-work will deal with

We will e-work on the following:

√ Needs assessment of contract change or change of tenancy terms and conditions

√ Determinants or parameters that preside over contract change

√ Contract change initiators (whether it is a tenant or landlord/lady who initiates) and implications for the initiator

√ Proceedings or process to change contract

√ Risks involved in contract change or amendment

√ Implementation of a changed or amended contract


Additionally, we will be sharing the available resources (online and print) related to the topic of private rental contract change.

What this week’s e-work expects to achieve

One could hope that at the end of this week’s process, landlords/ladies and tenants will be…

√ Better aware of the advantages and disadvantages of contract change

√ Choosing the formula of contract change that is the most appropriate to command a less conflicting relationship

√ Avoiding further rental agreement pressure at this difficult time of the pandemic

√ Preserving the rental interests of each party

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