Covid-19 Rental Payment Fallout

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Monday  08 June  2020

by the Property  Team

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Covid-19 Rental Payment Fallout

How to re-open the lines of communication between landlords/ladies and tenants in a reopened rental market


The domino effect of the Covid-19 storm is still yet to come since rental payment delays continue to pile up in a re-opened rental market.  There have been rental properties that are making late rent payments.

It is a problem for both landlords/ladies and renters when rental payments are made late.  What is sure is that not any of them would want to be in this kind of situation.  But, it is unfortunate this is happening with the Covid-19 exacerbating this situation. 

This week, we are going to e-work with the two sides of the rental process (a landlord/lady who is not receiving rent on time and a tenant who is delaying rent payment) in attempt to find ways out for a situation and circumstances which may be beyond the control of either of the two parties.

Our e-work will include the following areas of mutual and separate interests for the two:

√ Ways of re-opening communication channels between landlords/ladies and tenants during the rental payment crisis

√ The UK Government’s rules about eviction during the coronavirus pandemic crisis

√ Tenancy Deposit Schemes

√ Ways of reviewing and re-arranging rent payment schemes

√ Rent policy covers or insurances

√ Insolvency problems


One could hope that through this e-working activity the following outcomes will be achieved:

√ Improvement of landlord/lady-tenant relationships

√ Safeguarding of vital communication channels between the two sides of the rental process

√ Reduction or elimination delays of rental payments

√ Potential removal of factors causing rental payment delays

√ Setting up clear targets and goals in terms of rental payment delays (e.g. maximum number of days or weeks or months acceptable by both parties)

√ Arrangement of workable and realistic rental payment schemes when tenants often falling behind their rents

√ Support tenants who are experiencing difficulties to pay rents with rent information and advice as the battle against the coronavirus pandemic continues

In brief, this week’s e-working activity will try to find ways of engaging the two sides of rental payment process by keeping the lines of effective and productive communication re-opened between them in a reopened rental market.

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