Restoration of disrupted lettings and rentals

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Monday  01 June  2020

by the Property  Team

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Restoration of disrupted letting and rental activities by Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the letting and rental patterns and habits.  Property viewings and inspections are not as it used to be.  The virtual way of dealing with property lettings and rentals has dramatically increased, to some extent, to the detriment of the physical aspects of the same activities.  The letting and rental worlds are now where remote working has become a norm.

Lettings and rentals are not exempted by Covid-19 disruption

The Covid-19 disruption has not exempted the normal lettings and rentals to the extent that one can talk about the new normal in lettings and rentals.  The disruption of the letting and rental processes by the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown measures it has generated continue despite the recent reopening of the economy and the housing market.

This week, we will be e-working with both landlords/ladies and renters to restore the elements of these processes in which landlords/ladies and renters are directly involved or have a direct input.  The restoration or resetting of these elements will imply the understanding of letting and management activities in the new context of Covid-19 anti-measures and restrictions. 

For example: how to be a customer (landlord/lady) in a socially distancing and virtually letting environment or a tenant in increasingly virtual rental world?

What this week’s session hopes to achieve

One can hope that at the end of this week’s e-session, we will be able to repurpose our lines of property supplies and design lettings and rentals differently.  One could also hope that both landlords/ladies and renters will     

– Understand the coronavirus-induced letting and rental changing environment

– Adapt to the requirements of the coronavirus-led letting conditions

– Avoid misunderstanding between them (landlords/ladies and tenants) in matters such as viewings, inspections, etc.

– Improve the skills of landlords/ladies and tenants related to health and safety linked to Covid-19 outbreak

What results can be expected from this week’s activity

One could further expect that the following outcomes or results will be achieved:

√ Landlords/ladies and renters will become more and better informed about letting or renting in the era of Covid-19

√ Landlords/ladies and renters will stay safe and healthy when engaging in a letting or rental deal

√ Other persons or members of the public will be protected as well, especially when it is about group or family lettings/rentals

√ Landlords’/ladies’ will be protected and renters’ interests will be safeguarded

√ Safe and healthy relationships will be established in the future

√ Healthy maintenance of the properties let and managed


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