Covid-19 Rental Fallout

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Monday  11 May  2020

by the Property  Team

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Covid-19 Rental Fallout

The consequences of the Covid-19 Shock on renters have not yet been fully unveiled since the Covid-19 continues to claim its victims.

This week, we are e-working with renters to find out the rental consequences of Covid-19 on them.  We have planned this e-working activity in our Covid-19 rental campaign as we online came across a renter who asked us for advice.  She lost her job due to coronavirus and wanted to claim unemployment benefit and needed a tenancy agreement as a proof of address.

It is understood that she entered a verbal agreement with her their landlord/lady where she has been renting a property without any written tenancy agreement or a licence to rent.  She has asked us what can she do since she has got a tenancy agreement?

Although verbal contracts can be enforceable in the court of laws, it is recommended to private landlords/ladies letting their properties by themselves to provide a professional written and reviewed tenancy agreement. 

It is not safe for both parties (landlord/lady and tenant) to have verbal agreements or no formal tenancy agreements or even adapted tenancy agreements.   A professionally written and reviewed tenancy agreement protects both contractual parties.

There could be some numbers of vulnerable renters who are in a similar situation and facing the same kind of problems.  With the impact of Covid-19, they may be struggling to sort out their problems without knowing there is always a way out to this kind of problems. 

There are available resources online regarding the Covid-19 rental guidance and the rental sector generally.  However, it is not sure whether or not these resources will respond to specific issues that some vulnerable and unaware renters are facing during this difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic.  It is not also certain if all the renters will understand these online resources and materials.

To reduce the rental fallout that renters may have due to the Covid-19 impact, Home Relief will be e-working with them by discussing their individual rental cases where there is  a fallout.  Since one cannot wait until the end of Covid-19, Home Relief will be e-working with renters on the consequences of Covid-19 on their rental situation.

This e-working together about the impacts of Covid-19 on renters could lead to problem-solving steps where, if requested or needed, legal expertise and rental industry professionalism can be sought on behalf of renters.

Need to explore possible rental leads and solutions to the problem posed by the Covid-19 on your rental situation, please e-work with Home Relief.

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