Covid-19 and Private Landlords’/ladies’ Property Portfolio

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Monday  04 May  2020

by the Property  Team

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Covid-19 and Private Landlords’/ladies’ Property Portfolio

Home Relief’s e-working programme to keep landlords/ladies and renters engaged during the Covid-19 will be dealing this week with the impact of Covid-19 on property portfolio.  We will be discussing about the collection of properties and financial securities attached to these properties that landlords/ladies may be holding in their portfolio.

When landlords/ladies build a property portfolio, they will have a number of buy to let investment opportunities with the aim of generating an optimum return on investment with many properties.  They will try to achieve the goals of meeting capital growth returns or rental yields or both.

There are many types of landlords/ladies in the private rental market.  In the context of this week’s e-work about the Covid-19, we will be dealing with small landlords/ladies who have more than just one property, that is to say those who have between 2 and 5 rental properties in their property portfolio. 

In our e-work, we will try to find out how the Covid-19 has impacted their property portfolio.  In other words, we shall together with them try to know how the achievement of expected return from a varied portfolio of properties and their related securities and risks, has been affected by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Through our e-work, one could hope the following points will be raised:

√ How landlords/ladies have spread the risk amongst the different securities or properties in their portfolio

√ The level of risk incurred so far for their expected return as a result of Covid-19

√ How their selection in their portfolio is meeting the goals of optimum capital growth and rental yields

√ Whether or not the capital value associated with their properties have been appreciated or depreciated due to the coronavirus impact

√ Property management under the constraints of anti-coronavirus measures

√ Essential property maintenance during the Covid-19 time

√ Performance about the return on their property investment

√ Property running expenses versus incoming rents during the Covid-19 period

√ How Covid-19 has affected the relationships between landlords/ladies and their tenants, etc.

One could hope that as outcome from this e-work, landlords/ladies will know where they stand in terms of their property portfolio during this difficult time of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Landlords/ladies will be able to discuss their individual cases or portfolios.  Where the need arises or the request will be made, landlords/ladies will be referred to financial advisors or property portfolio specialists to look into their matter.  However, due to the lockdown we cannot guarantee that this type of portfolio advisory support will be currently available.

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