Coronavirus and Essential Private Property Rental Maintenance

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Monday  06 April  2020

by the Property  Team

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Coronavirus and Essential Property Maintenance

How to keep essential cleaning for private property rental maintenance within the context of anti-coronavirus measures

At the moment, we are in the context of e-following the UK government advice and the NHS guidance in order to protect each other against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.  In this context, it is required to everybody to make sure that they clean any potential traces of Covid-19 germs or viruses in their property from the entrance to the inside as well as around the building.  This should be done knowingly or unknowingly that the Covid-19 can survive on hard surfaces for up to a week.

Because of this non-clinical decontamination requirement for collective protection from the coronavirus, we are going to follow on this as part of essential or perhaps life-saving cleaning duties making the essential property maintenance.  This essential cleaning includes household items, shopping, clothes and shoes. 

Within the private rental property maintenance, there are many aspects.  However, in the context of this week’s e-exercise with landlords/ladies and renters, we are going to focus on the cleaning elements related to anti-coronavirus pandemic.  We are going to e-discuss with landlords/ladies and tenants this cleaning matter.

At the moment, landlords/ladies may be spending money to decontaminate their properties from any potential traces of coronavirus germs or strains.  They may be spending on cleaning products and materials necessary either to keep their rented properties or the one they reside free from any traces of Covid-19 germs.  Some of them may be sharing information and good practices on this matter with their tenants in the interest of public health protection.

In this spending process, they may encounter difficulties between essential and non-essential spending in order to protect themselves and people around them.  To ease this process for them and tenants, we will be e-discussing with them the following:

√ Essential and non-essential spending items in their cleaning budgets regarding the anti-coronavirus measures

√ Recommended key cleaning products and techniques to get rid of the traces of coronavirus hazards

√ Areas of properties to clean and wipe to disinfect them from Covid-19 germs

√ Protective equipment and clothes for this kind of anti-coronavirus cleaning work

√ The weekly or monthly cleaning budget for protection against coronavirus

√ Stores and shops where to purchase at affordable prices essental cleaning products as well as where to get information and advice


In addition to the above, we are going to share some good cleaning practices, stories, experiences, online sources, resources (such as videos) and leads regarding non-clinical decontamination of properties from Covid-19 germs.

This week, we are working with them via ONLY phone, text, email and contact form to try to exchange ideas and good practices about essential cleaning in the critical context of non-clinical decontamination of private reantal properties from the traces or strains of coronavirus pandemic.

Like many of us, renters and landlords/ladies are searching for the best possible way of cleaning household items and of carrying out preventive personnal hygiene against the Covid-19.

Need to e-discuss your property cleaning matter to get rid of the Covid-19 risk factor, please do not hesitate to work with Home Relief. 

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Many thanks!

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