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Monday  02 March  2020

by the Property  Team

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How popular are new-build flats amongst low income families?

Our Winter campaign about affordable homes for low income families continues this week with the new-build flats, particularly whether they are popular or not amongst this type of families.

Indeed, there are some arguments that new-build flats are popular amongst young families.  This could be obvious for young families who have just started life with small children and wishing to live in a newly built property.  However, is this popularity of this type of accommodation the same for low income families with teenage children (being between the ages of 13 and 19)?  The answer could be difficult to give since there are low income families of different categories.  There are young, middle and old families. 

For families with grown up or teenage children, the popularity of new-build flats depends on many factors such as affordability, spaces, size of rooms, structure of the building , location, character of the building, features, garden, quality and specification of the new developments, busy traffic, the community feel, etc.

For some families, they may prefer the character and features of older properties. Flats in older properties can as well have more spaces and offer convenience, especially when they are victorian-like.

For others, they may like a brand-new property since they think this type of property can help to save money on running costs and provide the kind of homes they would like to live in.

For those with teenage children, it will depend on whether teenagers have enough space in their bedrooms or the balcony is fit for teenage purpose or there is any playground for teenagers nearby or the teenagers have to travel miles to play in the park.

Often, we receive mix stories about the new-build flats when these families approach us for accommodation.  Some are happy while others speak about the small size of bedrooms in some of the new-build flats as there could be a tendency from the builders and developers to economise spaces and save the natural environment.

So, this week we are working and conducting a survey about the popularity of new-build flats amongst low income families.  The information that we will receive from this survey will help us to help these families help themselves in search for affordable new-build flats to rent or buy.

Want to say what you feel, as a low income family, about new-build flats, please do not hesitate to work with Home relief.

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