Families, Homes and Environment

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Monday  24 February  2020

by the Property  Team

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Families, Homes and Environment

This week, we are pursuing our campaign about affordable homes for families.  We will be doing it by inserting non-living environmental dimensions.  In particular, we will be looking at the location and positioning of the property to rent or buy in relation to non-living environments (such as weather, sun, climate, atmosphere, etc.).

It is pointless to argue that the location and positioning of the property to rent or buy is important in terms of the choice to make.  What do we mean by this?  We simply want to say that the impacts or effects of non-living environmental conditions (such as sunlight, rain, snow, etc.) are relevant things to consider when choosing a property to rent or to buy.  These conditions or factors also include things such as the surrounding environment of the property (like a property surrounded by trees, situated besides a high rise building or does not receive enough reflection from natural good weather).  

Why non-living environments around the property matter

These non-living things matter, especially for those on low income and who are looking for affordable homes.  These non-living environments surrounding the property can help to save money and improve health naturally.  They can as well provide happiness and a good living for low income families.  There are cases that demonstrate that the lack of these natural conditions can create unhappiness for renters or buyers.

A rental case related to the lack of healthy and happy living

We came across a case in which a family rented a house that was situated next to a big office building that obstructed any potential enjoyment of natural light and sunlight except the house receiving all the negative externalities from the building.    Despite the fact that the property was centrally heated, it was constantly damp.

We received some complaints from the tenants at that time about the lack of healthy living inside the property.  We then investigated the matter with the owner of the property.  We found that in addition to above mentioned obstruction, the property was not treated from dampness. 

This raised an environmental case.  We advised the owner about the case and reached an agreement with the tenants to vacate the premises on environmental grounds.  We then requested the owner to damp proof her property, which she did after the tenants vacated the premises.

The above case highlights how relevant is the choice one can make when deciding to rent or buy a property regardless of affordability.  So, we will be working with both prospective family renters and buyers on the aspects of the environment surrounding the property they need to consider should they want to rent or buy.

What we hope to achieve through this week’s activity

One can hope that at the end of this week’s activity potential renters and buyers will be able to achieve the following:

√ To carefully consider environmental aspects related to a property to rent or buy

√ To be aware and act upon the probable effects of climate on the property to rent or buy

√ To check the health elements of the property both inside and outside

√ To be informed about the environmental checks they need to know or carry out before agreeing to any tenancy or buying contract

√ To be able to interpret or understand the environmental impacts and findings related a property in the context of renting or buying

√ To compile a basic report about the health and environmental aspect of the property, etc.

For those renters and buyers buying the services of a letting or estate agent, some of these environmental points would normally be included in the service they provide in the form of a letting or buying file.  Those who technically surveyed the property would have dealt with these matters. 

Renters and buyers can as well find some of this information via environmental searches (from the local authority or any environmental agency specialised in the matter) about the property. 

For those who want to work with Home Relief and find more about these non-living environments attached to the property, they are welcome to do so.

Need to know more about non-living environments surrounding properties, why not work with Home Relief?

Simply need health advice related to homes to rent or to buy, work with Home Relief.

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Thank you for reading this post.

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Many thanks!

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