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Monday  03 February  2020

by the Property  Team

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Sections 13 and 22 of the Housing Act 1988

Last week, we discussed rent changes (meaning rent increases and reductions) through a landlady case.  This week, we are going further in our discussion in bringing in together Section 13 for rent increases and section 22 for rent reduction under an assured shorthold tenancy.  In doing so, we will be involving both contractual parties (landlords/ladies and tenants) in our discussion. 

Section 13 concerns landlords/ladies who may want to increase rent while section 22 deals with tenants who would like to apply for a rent assessment.  Often, the two contractual parties have competing ends.  On one hand, landlords/ladies want to increase rent while tenants would like the rent to be reduced on the other.  In each of the two cases, there are limitations, criteria, legal procedures and notices to consider and follow to make their individual case succeed. 

This week’s work with the two parties will give the opportunity to grasp some of the complicated matters, practicals and technicalities of an assured shorthold tenancy regarding rent changes. 

There are unlimited resources online and in print related to rent changes; resources that each of the parties can find and access.  There are also professional bodies and legal support services that better explain this area of tenancy and can assist both parties.

For those who may find difficult to understand these resources and area of tenancy or who could just access available services on this rent changes matters, they can work with Home Relief to make it easily understandable for them.  Our work with them is free of charge.

At the end of this week’s work, one can hope that both parties will better master this area of an assured shorthold tenancy.  One can as well hope that the two parties will find a negotiable path to reconcile their competing ends over rent changes.  This will finally help to prevent any potential disputes and misunderstandings over rent changes.

If you are a landlord/lady who would like to increase the rent in your rented property but do not much know what to do, you can work with Home Relief to sort out the practical route to your rent increase.

If you are a tenant who think that the rent you have been charged is excessive and would like to negotiate for a rent reduction but do not know what to do, you can as well work with Home Relief to sort out the practical route to your rent reduction.

Want to know more about rent changes, why not work with Home Relief?

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