2020 Private Renter Empowerment Tools

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Monday  13 January  2020

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2020 Private Renter Empowerment Tools

Our work with renters about ways of improving the power they need for a trouble-free tenancy continues this week.

This week, the 2020 Private Tenant Empowerment campaign will be about the tools renters need in succeeding in securing the accommodation they want and in staying for the duration of their tenancy as planned.

One of the tools they need is a communication one.  It is pointless to remind ourselves that the way in which renters communicate with the would-be their landlords/ladies or letting/managing agents can matter a lot. 

To be a bit practical, we came across renters whose rental applications were rejected on the basis of either they could not properly communicate or they were rude or simply they were some kinds of lacking social intelligence skills in their approach to finding and keeping their rented accommodation.

One example we would like to highlight is the case of a landlady who rejected a tenant’s application not on the basis of reference, but on the basis of language or communication barrier.  This is what happened.

Need of empowerment: case of tenant’s application rejection because of language barrier

We had a landlady who instructed and agreed with us Finding Tenant Only Letting Terms; meaning that we would find the tenant, do all the checks, collect all the references and deposit (including the first month’s rent in advance), do all the paperwork and hand over the tenant to the landlady.  She would then manage the property by herself after the exchange or completion of contracts and handing over the keys.

Unfortunately, when the landlady came to the office to meet the prospective tenant, the latter could not properly communicate in English.  There was a break down in the conversation.  The landlady told us she would not consider taking the tenant since she would always need somebody in the middle to speak to the tenant; that there would be a high probability of misunderstanding regarding issues related to the management of her property (issues such as bin collection days, meter readings, rent book or record checks and other maintenance issues).  Sadly, the prospective tenant’s application was rejected on the basis of English language barrier.

From a rental perspective, this example shows how relevant or important for a tenant to properly communicate in order to gain access to a property and keep it regardless of the financial guarantee they may provide.

From a legal point of view, whether or not this case raises the issue of discrimination on the basis of inability to speak a language, it is a matter of discussion.  However, without being judgemental, this case reveals the importance of communication tool in the process of searching and gaining access to accommodation as a renter.

So, this week we are working on the empowerment tools for renters.  Language is just one of them.  There are many other tools that renters need to have to secure accommodation.  To find out more, please work with Home Relief.

If you are a renter and do not know what kind of tools you require or require to improve the tools you already have to give you the power and confidence you need to successfully rent, you can work with Home Relief this week on this matter.               

For those renters who have any issue about power relationships with their landlord/lady in their rented property, they are also free to contact Home Relief to discuss this matter. 

For those landlords/ladies who are concerned about the balance of power between them and their tenants, particularly those who are complaining about the power their tenants got or tenants lack some social intelligence skills to communicate with them, they can also work with Home Relief if they think these issues are problematic to a hassle-free tenancy. 

For those who want just to go in depth about private tenant empowerment tools, they are as well welcome to work with Home Relief should they wish to do so.


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Thank you for reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits to Home Relief website and to doing business with you throughout 2020.

Many thanks!

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