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Monday  06 January  2020

by the Property  Team

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Welcome back to all our property supporters, blog readers and web visitors.  We hope that you had a good festive break and wish you Happy New Year again!

After careful consideration of the issues that renters faced in 2019 and of those highlighted in our 2019 Review, we would like to start 2020 with one recurring issue, with what can be done to empower private renters in this New Year.

Empowering Private Renters in 2020

Being on low income bracket could mean many things.  It could mean that one has less or weak power on income wise or has a considerable budget constraint in terms of choice of the accommodation to make.

2020 could or should be a year to continue to empower low or ordinary income earners so that they can choose where they want to live, and for those who have small children they can decide where they want to raise them.

In the private rental sector, it is sometimes difficult to significantly empower renters as this could upset some home owners and landlords/ladies and reduce the supply of homes to rent.  It should not be the case or seen in this way if private tenant empowerment is trying to address the imbalance of powers between two contractual property parties (landlord/lady and tenant). 

At the statutory level, they were and have been some good initiatives in terms of supporting tenants in 2019.  They include both direct and indirect support. 

Examples of direct support include the ban of no fault evictions (through the Section 21), the removal of tenant fees, the reduction of the costs of deposit, etc.  The indirect backing consists of any measure or area of law that protects tenants such as licence to rent that landlords/ladies need to have, Help to Buy schemes to support ordinary people to become home owners, etc.

Besides that what else can be done to empower tenants or renters in the New Year.  They are few things that can be done or improved so that 2020 could be the year of no one left behind whether they are private or social renters in the rental ladder and market.

These few things could include the improvement of the existing facilities or platforms such as

√ Involvement of private tenants in conversion on property management

√ Private tenant advisory panels

√ Private tenant empowerment programme, etc.

These initiatives could as well be about

√ Giving new powers through boosting tenants’ understanding of tenancy rules by providing easily available and accessible information about tenants’ rights and obligations

√ Improving tenants’ knowledge and skills in the area of property rental

√ Supporting their social mobility so that they can change their status from low to medium and high income earners

√ Leads on funding information covering items such as deposit schemes, rent shortfall, insurance cover for low income tenants

√ Improvement in the way tenants understand legal terms and jargon

√ Better information for family tenants with children, etc.    

All the above support could be designed to empower low income renters.  One could make assumption that the more they are empowered, the more they become self-confident and can meet their rental requirements.    

So, the private tenant empowerment is what we have on the menu for this week to start off 2020 rental campaign. 

For those renters who have any issue about power relationships with their landlord/lady in their rented property, they are free to contact Home Relief to discuss this matter. 

For those landlords/ladies who are concerned about the balance of power between them and their tenants, particularly those who are complaining about the power their tenants got, they can also work with Home Relief if they think their tenants’ power is problematic to a hassle-free tenancy. 

For those who want just to go in depth about private tenant empowerment, they are as well welcome to work with Home Relief should they wish to do so.


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Thank you for reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits to Home Relief website and to doing business with you throughout 2020.

Many thanks!

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