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Monday  18 November  2019

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White Goods and Fittings in a Rented Property

The importance of explaining to tenants the functioning of appliances and fittings in a rented property

This week, we are working with landlords/ladies on the importance of explaining the incoming or already living-in tenants the functioning of white goods and fittings in a rented property, especially when these types of items required specific instructions to follow to handle them.

The law states that landlords/ladies are responsible for the state of any machines and white goods they provide in the rental property.  White goods are appliances such as washing machines, fridge-freezers, tumble dryers and dishwashers.  Fittings and fixings include boilers, showers etc.

For example, the landlords/ladies are responsible for servicing the boiler.  The Landlord and Tenant Act of 1985 requires that landlords/ladies keep in good repair and working order installations that supply water, gas and electricity as well as sanitation systems.

Maintenance case

This week’s topic gives us the opportunity to remember a case we came across.  It was a case related to a landlord who installed a new boiler in his rented property through the work of a boiler engineer.  The engineer who installed the boiler explained that before turning on the heat key, the boiler must be first fed with water.   The landlord forgot to pass this information to the tenants.  One evening, the tenants ran the boiler without activating the water feeding system.  As a result, the boiler broke down.

What this week’s process will include

This week, we are going to look at the following elements:

√ The transfer of information about white goods and fittings from landlords/ladies to tenants (how to conduct this transfer, what information to pass on and what not pass on)

√ Working manuals (including digital operating instructions and online videos) of white goods and fittings in a rented accommodation

√ Instruction books (including online videos) related to peripherals such as thermostats, remote controls for homes with digital or e-technologies

√ Areas of insurance policies and cover plans about these items where there is a need to pass some information to the tenants for mutual benefit (to avoid risk of missing the deadline for renewal of cover plans although service providers always send a reminder)

√ Stickers or labels (including important contact numbers, makes, serial numbers, etc.) on these machines (where to find them) where tenants can find relevant information if there is a need to do so


Nowdays, almost every body has a smart phone or just a mobile phone.  If your tenants have a smart phone, it is even easy to pass this information to them.  You can even pass to them (via mobilephone or e-mail) a link to watch the videos about these white goods and fittings for the purpose of better informed maintenance.

Where landlords/ladies involve a managing agent, this area of property maintenance responsibility becomes obvious and falls within the hands of this agent, unless landlords/ladies decide to fully or partly take this responsibility.

This area of property maintenance is as well important to avoid conflicting tenancies.  It is vital to avoid the breakdown of very expensive items (such as boiler) in privately rented property.  They can break if landlords/ladies do not correctly pass the information to handle them or if tenants are careless.

However, as landlords/ladies you should always make sure you correctly pass the information on these items to your tenants and make sure the tenants use them correctly as well. 

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