Rent Increase: What to do?

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Monday  11 November  2019

by the Property  Team

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Rent Increase versus Property Improvement

Our work about the relationships between landlords/ladies and tenants continue this week with rent increase.  Particularly, we are dealing with an area of the relationships between the desire of a landlord/lady to increase the rent and tenants’ dispute about the justification of a rent increase.

This is an issue which can result in tenancy crisis between the two contractual parties whereby the landlords/ladies want to increase the rent of their rented property while the tenants living in that property argue that there is no justification for rent increase since the conditions of the property have not changed or been improved.

Ourselves we came across a case of landlord who complained and told us this:

“It is now three years since these tenants moved in my property and they are still paying the same level of rent.  Yet, the market rent has gone up for similar properties in the local area according to a recent rent valuation.  I am still receiving the same amount of rent since they moved in”.

We mediated in discussing the matter with the tenants informing them the landlord’s intention to increase rent.  They argued this:

“We do not see why he wants to increase the rent.  Since, we moved in his property, it is still in the same conditions.  He has never improved the conditions of his property and whenever we have maintenance issues, he barely responds.  All he does collecting his rent and now he wants more money”.

As the above example shows, one side wants to increase the rent while the other side does not want to pay for the increase without any sound justification.

Depending on the type of tenancy, if the landlord/lady wants to increase the rent there are rules.  The tenant can disagree with the landlord’s/lady’s decision to increase the rent.  Where there is disagreement, there is also an opening for negotiation to reach an agreement.  If the two parties fail to reach an agreement on this matter, then they explore other means to resolve their disputes.

This week, we are working with both parties on the rent increase.  We will be working landlords/ladies on the following matters:

√ The rules for rent increase

√ Rent increase policy

√ Landlords/ladies’ contractual obligations which will include maintenance of their property

√ Rent review policy and practices

√ How to fix the rent in a changing rental market or how to reflect the change of rental market conditions into the rent determination   


With the tenants, we will work on the following:

√ What to do about rent increase

√ Tenants’ contractual obligations as provided by the tenancy agreement

√ How to reach an agreement with a landlord/lady on the rent increase issue

√ Available support on rent increase issue (support such as Citizen Advice Bureau, where to get help to pay rent, appeal to a tribunal for a rent complaints, housing help from the local council, etc.).

In this matter of rent increase, there is no one size fits all.  We will be dealing with individual cases.  We will discuss each case of rent increase individually.  Every case will be treated on their own merits.   

If you a landlord/lady and have some problems in increasing the rent of your rented property, please work with Home Relief to sort out the matter. 

If you are a tenant and disagrees with the rent increase asked by your landlord/lady and do not know what to do, please work with Home Relief.

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