Family-friendly Lettings

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Monday  28 October  2019

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Family-friendly Lettings

How to meet the needs of privately renting of a growing family

This week, we will be looking at the pros and cons when letting your property to a family, let say made of a maximum of 5 members. 

Sometimes, we come across landlords/ladies when instructing us they strictly say they only want single professional tenants.  Yet, there are families who need accommodation and who may not have any other alternative than to privately rent, especially where private tenancies suit their needs.

Amongst these family renters are those with small children and sometimes expect to have one or two more children to grow and complete their family.  They may not afford to buy their property in the short term.  In these circumstances, if they choose or are forced to privately rent, they expect to find a property that can meet their basic life-sustaining family needs and requirements.

How private tenancies can meet this housing demand

It could be a dilemma between family renters who are looking to meet their accommodation of a growing family on one hand, and landlords/ladies who are mostly letting their properties to raise or make some income on the other.  This week, we are trying to reconcile the two competing needs or ends (of family renters and economically rational landlords/ladies).

What are the housing needs of a growing family?

Their needs can be variable depending on many factors such as family size, income, earning capacity, number of children, children’s needs and requirements etc.  We are talking here about a family of 2 to 3 children and two adults (parents).  Let say a family of a maximum of 5 members.  A family like this may need the following in the rented accommodation: space, reasonable size of rooms, good heating system, healthy place to live with children, briefly a family-friendly home.

What this week’s work with landlords/ladies will include

It will include the following

√ The housing needs of a growing small family

√ The legal elements to consider when planning letting your property to families

√ Ways of keeping family tenancies running smoothly and trouble-free

√ Legal aspects when children are included in the agreement, etc.

Like in any lettings, there are pros and cons when letting your property to families with children.  This week, we will work with family-friendly landlords/ladies to find way of reducing problems before they embark in such a tenancy.  By the way, for landlords/ladies who are looking for a long term and stable tenancy, letting their property to a family could be a viable solution to explore. 

If you are planning or do not mind to let your property to families with children, this week’s session is designed for you. 

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