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Monday  09 September  2019

by the Property  Team

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Bringing Home-Buying and -Owning Processes and Products for Low Income Earners under the same Roof

Our Summer campaign with prospective home buyers and owners from low income earning backgrounds continues this week. 

This week is a soft landing one with this campaign as we are bringing together the five pieces of our home-buying and owning campaign into the same pot.  These five pieces include: home-buying options, funding, finding a home to buy and own, help to buy and the costs of buying and owning a home.  The five pieces are parts of the same box, which is home-buying and owning process.  They are more or less linked between them. 

For example: if you choose shared ownership as a home-buying scheme, there are implications for your choice.  As a low income earner, you may consider funding fit for this scheme on the market.  You probably need to find a property subject to shared ownership and explore the help to buy linked this home-buying product; and finally you may be required to budget the costs associated with the method of buying and owning a home.  Clearly, there are relationships between these five pieces of home-buying and owning process.

~ Outcomes for this week’s home buying and owing campaign

This week is about going in depth regarding the above relationships with the aim of achieving the following outcomes:

√ Clarifying your home buying options

√ Matching your chosen key option with a specific funding scheme

√ Finding a real or virtual home to buy meeting your selected option

√ Identifying the help to buy related to your option

√ Costing your chosen home buying and owning option 


The overall idea is to make a soft landing by keeping all the five pieces together in the decision making and delivering processes.  In doing so, you can stay in control of these processes from the beginning to the end.

~ Highlights and inclusions in the week’s campaign

Highlights and inclusions in the week’s campaign are budget before home-buying and budget after home-buying processes.  We will look at what to include and what not include in these two budgets.  We will as well consider the dilemma the economy is facing, a dilemma of exit or non-exit.  We will finally provide additional resources (print and online) related to these processes.

Need to know more about home-buying and owning process and gain a foothold on the housing ladder as a low income earner, why not work with Home Relief for information, guidance and advice?

Home seekers and prospective home buyers and owners can consult Home Relief to discuss their individual cases, applications and the suitable options for them.


If you are looking for an affordable location and home, Home Relief is the people dealing with affordable homes you could consider in your property searches and enquiries.

For more information about our property service to home buyers and tenants, please go to https://homerelief.co/tenants/

For more information about our property service to home sellers and landlords/ladies, please go to https://homerelief.co/landlord

For properties to rent and let, go to https://homerelief.co/property-search/

For weekly property news and updates, please read our weekly posts.

Thank you for reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits to Home Relief website and to doing business with you throughout 2019.

Many thanks!

Home Relief – freelance e-property people dealing with affordable homes



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