Longer Term Tenancy Periods

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Monday  08 July 2019

by the Property  Team

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How to Set up a Longer Term Tenancy 


Generally, we get used to have both landlords/ladies and tenants agreeing a tenancy (an assured shorthold one) for six or twelve months with the possibility to renew it if both contractual parties agree the extension or rolling terms.  Yet, there is another possibility whereby the two parties can agree from the onset to a longer term tenancy period for at least 2 years but less than 7 years.

For various reasons, these parties did not often like to take the option of long term tenancy model.  However, since sometimes we have noticed that there are home seekers who are looking for a stable and long term rental, while the landlords/ladies are also searching for a long term security of the letting in the form of longer term tenancy to avoid void periods.

Despite this long term move, there are still landlords/ladies and home seekers who are hesitant to take the long term tenancy option.  In order to deal with the situation whereby they are willing to adopt the option but are hesitant, we will be working with them on this matter.

Our work with them will be about finding ways of securing a longer term tenancy while making it attractive for both parties in matching their needs over the agreeable period.

Through this week’s work, landlords/ladies will have an opportunity to find out ways of accommodating longer term tenants’ needs, the kinds of comfort they may need to provide to attract them, the approach to tenants’ sensible requests, and of avoiding back-to-back rentals over years.

On their part, tenants signing for a long term tenancy will be able to plan the future.  They can plan spaces and organise better themselves in their new homes as they have more time to live there.  This enables them as well to avoid back-to-back rentals over years.  They can better learn how to enter and maintain a longer term tenancy.      

This week activity will goes further in providing and sharing resources (online and in print) with both landlords/ladies and home seekers in terms of advantages and disadvantages in embracing the longer term tenancy model.  This will help them to make an informed decision.

If you are a landlord/lady or a tenant contemplating to enter a longer term tenancy and have no clues, Home Relief can work with you to set up this kind of tenancy and explain the terms and implications of entering such a contract.


Need a longer term tenancy period, please do not hesitate to work with Home Relief.


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