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Monday 22 April 2019

by the Property  Team

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How to start the eviction process in the post-section 21 era

As the UK Government is planning to ban the no-default evictions, many landlords/ladies are wondering about this move in terms of the security of their property investment or just property letting.

In order to reduce some of the anxieties or worries about the Government’s drive, Home Relief will be working with landlords/ladies on the Section 21 Notice of the Housing Act 1988.

The Section 21 Notice provides that the landlord/lady must give to their tenant a notice to begin the process to take possession of a property let on an assured shorthold tenancy without providing a reason for wishing to take possession.

What this week’s session will be about

The week’s session with landlords/ladies aims at reducing their anxiety by working together in looking at the provisions of the Section 21 notice and its implications for landlords/ladies property security.  The session will apply to assured shorthold tenancy only.  The session will goes beyond in exploring the possible scenarios in terms of property security if the Government takes such a move. 

Although there are many resources (both online and in print) about the Section 21 Notice, the Section 21 session of this week will cover the following:

√ The re-study of Section 21 Notice

√ Its implications for landlords/ladies’ security   

√ The post-section 21 scenarios

√ Update on property possession proceedings and processes

√ Impact of the post-section 21 world on landlords/ladies’ property security and investment plans

√ Highlights on the grounds or reasons for taking possessions for tenancy on or after 1 October 2015

√ Form 6A

√ Advice, information and guidance about the resources (both online and in print) regarding Section 21 Notice


Expected outcomes

One can hope that at the end of this session or process the following will be achieved:

√ Landlords/ladies will become familiar with or get updated about property possession proceedings

√ Landlords/ladies will feel self-confident and be prepared for the incoming change if it happens

√ Landlords/ladies will become less anxious about the incoming ban

√ Landlords/ladies will be able to avoid frictional possession proceedings and reduce possession costs

√ Landlords/ladies will be armed with advice, information and guidance to anticipate risks, uncertainty and threats associated with the incoming evictions notice change

√ Landlords/ladies will be better aware of the possession proceedings, even if this process has been handled by their appointed letting agents or a solicitor on their behalf.  

To know whether this week’s session on Section 21 Notice can or cannot work for you as a landlord/lady, contact Home Relief Now!


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