Learn how to pass referencing criteria

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Monday 04 March 2019

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Referencing and Profiling

Learn how to pass referencing criteria

In order to improve the way in which some home seekers are looking for homes to rent, what they can do to attract landlords/ladies and find a new home at any time, we are working with them on referencing and profiling issues.

This week’s session will deal with two main areas: home seekers’ profile and references

Home seekers’ profile

Often, when we talk to landlords/ladies about the people who are interested in their properties to rent, they ask us what kinds of people they are or who we have on our books.  This means we need to describe or give to landlords/ladies an outline of the prospective tenants.  Home seekers’ profile needs to be of the kind the people our landlords/ladies or we could accept to rent to before even starting taking up references.

Home seekers’ references

Why we are dealing with references.   This is because we came across tenants who had rent deposit and rent in advance money, and who could pass the income referencing criterion of household income to be 2.5 times the annual rent; but their rental applications were rejected on the basis of money alone.  They failed to meet other referencing criteria (such as character or behaviour).

Our work on referencing matter will include the following areas of interest:

√ Information that home seekers need to provide for reference purpose

√ Types of reference sought by us and landlords/ladies or other letting agents (e.g. employment, past rental history, character etc.)

√ The reasons why some home seekers find difficult to get suitable references and how to solve reference issues

√ The reasons why some home seekers fail and others pass referencing criteria

√ How determinant the following referencing criterion is to home seekers’ rental applications: household income should be 2.5 times the annual rent

√ The reasons why some forms of reference are rejected

√ Who should be your referees regarding homes to rent?

√ How to outsource your reference from a specialist referencing agency

√ Referencing through a third party like a guarantor

√ Reviewing social media accounts with home seekers to make them attractive to landlords/ladies for online referencing purpose

√ What make landlords/ladies and their agents to turn down rental applications (e.g. adverse credit history, temporary jobs etc)

√ Supporting documents such as bank statements, utility bills, proof of identity etc

√ How to fill referencing application forms

√ How to deal and what steps to take from failed report on referencing criteria?

At the end of this week’s session, we hope to achieve the following outcomes with home seekers and prospective tenants.

Outcomes related to individual home seekers and prospective tenants as applicants

To be able to

√ Improve their profile and referencing items

√ Increase their probability of getting accommodation as a result of suitable references

√ Enhance their ability to tape into other opportunities (such as jobs, training and education), especially where there is the problem of rent affordability

√ Raise their bargaining power in negotiations with future landlords/ladies

√ Build trust in their relationships with potential landlords/ladies

√ Prove that they are reliable and trustworthy people who can look after someone else property while they are renting it


Outcomes linked to housing deprivation

√ Reduce the number of housing applications rejected on the basis of poor or lack of reference or even unacceptable profile

√ Increase the number of renters through outstanding references and profiles

√ Alleviate barriers to rent due to unsuitable and untrustworthy references

√ Reduce homelessness for some due to unsuitable references and bad quality profiles as tenants who can be recommended to other home providers 

The ultimate goal of this session is for home seekers and prospective tenants to be accepted by prospective landlords/ladies and their letting agents on the basis of outstanding references and good quality profiles.

To find out how this week’s activity may work for you, please contact Home Relief.

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