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Monday 18 February 2019

by the Property  Team

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Families, Homes and Locals

Pursuing on our home campaign for low income people and families to access affordable homes, we are this week working with them on the knowledge of local life.

As you probably know, Home Relief provides all-round residential property services principled by social goals with the aim of reducing housing deprivation for low income people and families.   Our property relief service does not only provide home seekers and buyers with advice to access a home to live, but also help them to help themselves in effectively running their lives.  

Among the ways of supporting these people and families to effectively run their lives is helping them to rent or buy a home in areas where they have basic knowledge and information and where local life can be supportive or suitable to them.  Homes, Families and Local will be the topic for discussion with home seekers and buyers this week.

Learning to know the local area where you want to move in can help when looking for affordable homes.  You can find information about your future local area online via the internet, through local letting and estate agents, on your phone if your phone has a local area feature, you can read local papers, you can visit local libraries etc.

For as long as you will be in the process of renting or buying a home in the future, you may need to know your locals.  Amongst the locals is the local property market.  Even after you have moving in, you may still need to know and integrate into the local life. 

Being part of local life and getting involved or integrated in the local life (in things such as local language, value, habits, news, practice, shopping, networks etc.) can help to soften the process of looking for home to rent or to buy.  If you have already found a home, local knowledge and information can still help you settle in and run your life

Local information can provide you with local networks, contacts, prices, empty properties, habits, flexibility (on things such as the amount or size of deposit to pay), better deals etc.  These things can help you save money especially if you are on low income and looking for affordable homes or living in affordable homes.

The above is what this week’s session will be about.  We can anticipate that at the end of this week’s process of knowing and learning about the locals, home seekers and buyers will be able to figure out their local area and make informed decisions concerning their home matters.  In particular, this week’s activity will provide them with the following

√ Techniques to source a variety of local information and pages

√ Where to find local information about properties and local area

√ Leads to local properties to rent and to buy (both advertised and non-advertised)

√ How to read local information on properties to rent or buy

√ Ways of interpreting and analysing local information and local statistics

√ How to do local comparison for home-renting and buying purposes

√ What is useful and what is not useful in local information and data about properties

√ The vitality and reliability of local statistics for home seekers and buyers

The above benefits from this week’s session will be disentangled from the current say that the social media and big media have taken over the local newspapers and local life.  The session will prove that local information and media are still relevant if not decisive when looking to rent and buy a property, especially for those who have income constraints.

To find out how this week’s activity may work for you, please contact Home Relief.

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Thank you for reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits to Home Relief website and to doing business with you throughout 2019.

Many thanks!

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