New Year, New Lets and New Rentals

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Monday 07 January 2019

by the Property  Team

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• New Year, New Lets for Landlords/ladies and Homeowners!


January is the right month for property lettings. 

January is the month during which people, who are looking for properties to rent in the New Year, may want to move.  

They may want to rent in the New Year for various reasons which include:


√ Start a new life

√ Move to a new area

√ Feel good in a new home at a new place

√ Move closer to a school for children

√ Start a new job

√ Relocate with family

√ Get closer to healthcare services

√ Reduce commuting journey and costs

√ Realize their postponed moving plans made before the New Year etc.


As these reasons speak themselves, January is the right time to get a tenant.

Home Relief is ready to make January the right month to get a tenant for you landlords/ladies and home owners.


With Home Relief,


√ Rental Market Value is guaranteed

√ Home seekers with deposit and rent in advance awaiting

√ Vetted Renters with suitable references and incomes already        registered on our books


If you have a bit of concern about over spending you made during the last Christmas and the New Year celebrations, it is now time to start getting some finances from your property letting. 


Home Relief is ready to help!




Contact Home Relief TODAY!



• New Year, New Rentals for Home Seekers and Prospective Tenants!

New Year is a New Chance to get a New Home to Rent through Home Relief.

You can move in this January 2019 with Help to Rent from Home Relief.

We have a number of properties to let at the Best Ever Offers in our rental stock. 

They range from a Single Room to Flats and Houses. 

We have provided a few examples of the properties we are clearing from our stock at

If you are looking for a New Home in the New Year, here is the New Chance for you to start this year. 

It does not matter whether you are a first time renter or all time one.

Home Relief does not only offer you properties to let, but also we can assist you with our Help To Rent scheme.

Our property service operates on the first come first serve basis.

Contact our Lettings Negotiator NOW to arrange a customized response to your home needs.


If you are looking for an affordable location and home, Home Relief is the people dealing with affordable homes you could consider in your property searches and enquiries.

For more information about our property service to home buyers and tenants, please go to

For more information about our property service to home sellers and landlords/ladies, please go to

For properties to rent and let, go to

For weekly property news and updates, please read our weekly posts.

Thank you for reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits to Home Relief website and to doing business with you in 2019.

Many thanks!

Home Relief – freelance e-property people dealing with affordable homes



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