2018 Year in Review & Happy New Year!

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Monday 31 December 2018

by the Property  Team

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This post is the last of the year 2018. 

We hope that despite the ups and downs of life, you are ending 2018 on a happy note. 

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all Happy New Year wherever you are in any part of the world. 

We hope that the year 2019 will be of tremendous opportunity for all of us.

Below you will find the Review of 2018.


Home Relief 2018 Year in Review

The following 18 property themes and campaigns, which shaped the year 2018 for Home Relief, are the ones we have selected and listed in no particular order. 

1. Decent Rents 

2. Convenient  New-builds

3. Bringing Home-Buying Processes and Products for Low Income Earners under the Same Roof 

4. A Foothold on the Home Ladder can be a Relief

5. Home Selling  

6. Property Checks and Inventories: Tenants’ Participation 

7. Check Rental Statistics 

8. Setting up and Organising Rental Accounts as a New Tenant 

9. Making Rental Journey Affordable for Home Seekers! 

10. Summer Renting Campaign – How to Make your Renting Plans Work 

11. Season to Rent for Home Seekers 

12. WI-FI and App-connected Kitchen! 

13. Home Seekers’ Targeted Properties to Rent 

14. Landlord-Tenant Relationships Support Week 

15. Key Tips for Warm Rental Homes 

16. Property Rescue Mission With Abandoned Properties  

17. Tips for Digital Windows and Home Tech 

18. Becoming Home Owners in 2019 


If you are a Home Relief’s blog reader, you will remember these themes or campaigns.  Otherwise, you can still contact Home Relief for any details regarding them.

With all the best wishes of happy ending year 2018 and of promising year 2019!

We thank you for your clientele over 2018 and wish you Happy New Year! 

We look forward to receiving your regular visits to Home Relief website and to doing business with you in 2019.

Home Relief – freelance e-property people dealing with affordable homes


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