Landlord/lady – Tenant Relationship Support Week

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Monday 15 October 2018

by the Property  Team

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Landlord/Lady –Tenant Relationship Support Week

As part of our Autumn Letting and Rental Campaign, we are offering this week support to landlords/ladies and tenants in their tenancy relationships.  This support aims at those contractual parties who have problems, those who feel they may experience disagreement sooner or later, and those who want to learn to avoid or solve problems between them.

To stay on track of hassle-free letting and rental and consolidate our support to landlords/ladies and tenants, we are providing a week of Healthy, Worthy and Wealthy Relationship Support starting from 15 October and ending 20 October 2018.

A healthy tenancy relationship means that landlords/ladies and tenants are connected through tenancy based on mutual respect, trust and honesty.

A wealthy tenancy relationship means that the contractual rent is paid in the manner, at the amount and at the time as specified by the terms and conditions of agreement so that the landlord/lady does not lose on their wealth.  Because the rent is paid as agreed, the landlord/lady keeps their part of the bargain; that is to manage and maintain their property accordingly so that tenants do not lose their income in paying for a property which does not provide value for their money.

A worthy tenancy relationship means that the process of dealing between the two contractual parties in context of tenancy agreement suits both of them, and has merit or value as well.

So, a trouble-free letting and rental relationship is expressed by good relationships between the two contractual parties (Landlord/lady and Tenant).  This week’s support aims at alleviating some of the problems which may occur and or occurring with existing tenancies as well as finding way forward or solutions. 

Free Rescue or Relief Packages this week!

In addition to the above support service, Landlords/ladies can access our Rescue Package for FREE and/ or at minimal third party costs, just as Tenants can have our Relief Package arranged for them for FREE and/or at very competitive third party costs. 

To get the makes of your Rescue or Relief Packages, contact Home Relief this week!  

What’s more for this week!

We are offering a 10% discount on all of our instructions to let for Landlords/ladies and of applications to rent from home seekers or prospective tenants regardless of the sizes and locations of properties. 

To build on this Autumn introductory fresh sale offer, we are as well  given away a 5 minutes EXTRA FREE of advice to let for Landlords/ladies and Help to Rent for Tenants; making altogether with our usual 15 minutes FREE 20 minutes of FREE advice and or help.

To get 20 minutes of FREE advice and or help, contact Home Relief this week 

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Thank you for reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits to Home Relief website and to doing business with you.

Many thanks!

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