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Monday 09 July 2018

by Lettings and Management Team

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How to set and organise your rental accounts as a new tenant

This week, as part of Summer Help to Rent, we are working with home seekers and new tenants on the best possible way of setting up and organising their rental accounts.

Often, when a tenant signs up for a long-term rental agreement (such as a 6 months to 18 months assured short hold tenancy), generally speaking they will be responsible for the payment of the bills (e.g. gas, electricity, water rates, council tax, TV licence, phone etc.) as well as the organisation of the way those bills are paid.

Depending on who is their landlord/lady or letting agent, new tenants may or may not get help to set their first rental accounts up.  If you have already been a tenant, you may have experience on setting them up by yourself.

However, if you are a new tenant, this could be a new area of learning.  Some new tenants can easily handle the matter; others may find it difficult, especially in the rental environment where there is constant change.  If you don’t have help, then you will have to do it by yourself.

For those who have not been in the process before and those who are finding it hard to arrange their first rental accounts, we are working this week to support them in this area of rental responsibility.

In this respect, working together with them to set up their first rental accounts as a new tenant will include the following activities:

√ Identification of rental payments related to utility and telecoms suppliers, community charge (council tax), TV licence etc.

√ Tracking of rental expenses

√ Setting up your rental accounts online and offline

√ Learning how to avoid accounting and financial mistakes at an earlier stage

√ Rental budget including money aside for potential repair

√ Building simple videos, guides and tools to help them effectively and efficiently manage their rental accounts etc.

There are benefits for properly setting up your rental accounts as a tenant, benefits which include:

√ Reduction and avoidance of potential conflicts with your landlord/lady

√ Saving money with companies supplying services to your rented property

√ Protection for your deposit

√ Safeguarding your reference and credentials

√ Keeping secure your credit scores and check file and profile

√ Above enjoying a hassle-free tenancy period and peace of mind


Need help to set up and organise rental accounts, contact Home Relief this week.

Need check about rental accounts already set up, contact Home Relief this week.

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