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Monday 28 May 2018

by Lettings and Management Team

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The convenience of new build-to-rent developments is liked by most of home seekers.  Their demand is expressed by most home seekers from different income brackets including working families on low income. 

Like any prospective renters, low income earning families are looking for these types of development at affordable rents.  They are searching for developments featuring benefits that tick every box for them as follows:

  • √ Views of water or landscape

  • √ Balance between the nature and home to rent

  • √ Stateside feel

  • √ Suitable to raise a family

  • √ Peaceful feeling

  • √ Space inside and outside the property to rent

  • √ Location fitting with jobs, family and school

  • √ Flexibility in living

  • √ A fair balance between transport systems and connections (bus, rail networks and trams)

  • √ Good maintenance

  • √ Eco-friendly environment

  • √ Decent architectural style of the property to rent

  • √ Space for entertaining etc

They would like to enjoy the convenience of new-builds just like any other renters.  They are looking for developments that tick every box for them.

If you have one of these developments and prepared to rent it to average income earning families, please let Home Relief know.

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