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Monday 05 March 2018

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Home Relief’s Tenants Help-To-Rent support includes Mediation and Advocacy services set up to deal with tenancy issues and disputes.

• What are Mediation and Advocacy Support Services at Home Relief? 

We provide mediation and advocacy services for tenants having problems with their landlords/ladies.  This is an on and offline accessible, independent, impartial, confidential community mediation service, to quality assured standards, to all tenants and home seekers.

Home Relief Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes without the need to go to court. It involves an independent third party – a mediator – who helps both sides come to an agreement. 

Home Relief Mediation is a flexible process that can be used to settle disputes in a whole range of situations such as tenancy disputes.

Home Relief Advocacy in all its forms seeks to ensure that people, particularly those who are low income earners and most vulnerable in society, are able to:

Have their voice heard on rental issues that are important to them

Defend and safeguard their tenancy rights

Have their views and wishes genuinely considered when decisions are being made about their rental needs and lives.

Home Relief Advocacy service helps low income earners and vulnerable people access rental information and services, be involved in decisions about their lives, explore choices and options, defend and promote their tenancy rights and responsibilities, and speak out about accommodation issues that matter to them.

• What issues we deal with through Mediation and Advocacy Support Services

Home Relief can work together with tenants by organising a plan of actions to deal with the following issues: 


Homeless appeals

Eviction processes and notices

Possession proceedings

Legal aid leads and contacts

Funding options

Compensation issues

Signposting to litigation experts etc

If you have any tenancy issues or disputes and need help, please contact Home Relief for support NOW!

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