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Monday 19 February 2018

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Renting involves both knowing what you want as a property and what costs you to rent (the numbers or maths).

As part of Help to Rent at Home Relief this week, we are working with prospective tenants and home seekers on the numbers they need to know, if they do not know, about what costs renting a property.

Apart from other letting requirements (like references, proofs of income, proofs of identity, credit checks, last 3 months bank statements, proofs of residency  etc.), they need to be aware of the numbers or the maths related to renting a property regardless of their personal circumstances.

Basically, different agencies and landlords/ladies will require more or less same letting items but their financial requirements will vary.  In other words, the way they price their items may differ from one to another.

As far as Home Relief is concerned, there are two types of maths to rent a property: Maths with Home Relief and Maths without Home Relief.

• Simple maths and operations when renting through HRCIC

When renting via Home Relief, the maths you do or what you pay is simple and straightforward.

You pay:

1 months’ deposit 


1 months’ rent in advance


¼ of your weekly rent as administrative fee


We can even set up a payment plan if you do not have all the money before you move in.

We do not charge you for writing a letter to you, applying for references or conducting credit checks, viewing properties etc. 

Anything else you need pay as a result of your renting application, you will have to pay to a third party providing it for you, but not us charging you to make a margin. 

However, you will be still vetted as it is required by the standard on the property market.

• Complex maths and operations if you do not rent via Home Relief

When you choose not to rent through Home Relief, you may need to budget for the following

  • 1 month’s to six weeks deposit

  • 1 to 1 ½ months’ rent in advance

  • Damage deposit nearly half of your monthly rent

  • Administrative fee around £420

  • Tenant referencing fee around £75

  • Tenancy renewal fee

  • Inventory fee

  • Checking-out fee

  • Cleaning-up fee

  • Each time your agent writes to you, they may charge you around £25

  • If you use a guarantor, your guarantor must prove that they earn a salary around 36 times the agreeable monthly rent etc

These fees can escalate depending on agencies and landlords/ladies.  

We do not suggest that people should not charge for their work and time or for what they consider value for money.  However, between simple and complex renting maths, there is a clear choice to make as home seekers.

If you want to find out about the maths applicable to your renting plans and personal circumstances, contact Home Relief so that we can together work on the type of property you are looking for and the mathematical implications of your choice, as well as the Help to Rent available for you.

Call Home Relief NOW!


Home Relief…

  • specialises in Good Quality Affordable Accommodation

  • has the Widest Selection of Properties

  • welcomes and accepts All Suitable Home Seekers

  • can have your Moving-in and Settling-in process as Painless as possible



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Thank you for reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits to HRCIC website and to doing business with you.

Many thanks!

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