PV Panels to Heat Water

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Monday 20 November 2017


In the last series of Tips for Digital Technologies and Home Improvements, we would like to raise awareness to landlords/ladies about alternative options to heat water through technologies that use clean energy.

Generally speaking, most of the properties to let on the market would have a central heating system with radiators on walls or electric heaters (stand alone or connected to the mains plugs).  To the above, there are alternatives.  One of them is solar photovoltaic (PV) panels that can be used to heat water.  To do that, it requires a fitting diverter. 

Already there is an increasing number of properties with PV panels; properties which tend to be landlord/lady residents.  As the rental market develops, there could be an increasing demand or trend towards properties to let with PV panels in the future. 

Solar PV panels have advantages and disadvantages.

Their advantages include:

  • Provision of clean and green energy
  • Solar Panels cost is currently on a fast reducing track
  • economically viable and environmentally sustainable
  • low operating and maintenance costs
  • totally silent, producing no noise at all    
  • an effective solution to energy demand
  • residential solar panels are easy to install on rooftops

Their disadvantages are:

  • intermittency and unpredictability issues
  • storage batteries problems
  • they require additional equipment (e.g. inverters)
  • increasing investment cost
  • Solar Panels have low efficiency levels
  • they are fragile and can require additional insurance costs

So, there are advantages and disadvantages deriving from solar PV panels.  However, if a property is fitted with solar PV panels to heat water, this technology can provide some benefits  such as

  • Double savings on bills and energy reductions
  • Reduced conflicts with tenants
  • Reduce energy poverty etc

These are obvious particularly when a large proportion of an household budget is spent on energy bills. This can create potential conflicts with the tenants and energy poverty.

Solar PV panels can be an option that one can consider and explore with energy saving specialists so that they can have their properties adapted to the rental market trending and development.  It is all about prices and benefits comparisons as well as the future.  

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