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Monday 13 November 2017

by Lettings and Management Team


In a series of our Tips for Digital and Home Technologies to enhance landlords/ladies’ property lettings and management, we would like to add technologies linked to windows.

The purpose of these technologies and of us writing about them is to support our landlord/lady clients in their plans for home improvements so that they can protect their property-to let investment and gradually move with the technology to stay in the game as the landscape of rental market is changing.

When landlords/ladies are converting and or extending their homes to let, they may face with some choices to make.  The choice we would like to talk about here is the one concerning windows and new technologies linked to them.  In this regard, we would like to mention windows that are remotely controlled. 

As part of this week’s tips and advisory support, it makes sense to choose windows that meet your home improvements and letting goals while being mindful of the new technologies in the area of choice.   Your choice can be guided by a variety of windows which are

  • programmable with touch-screen remote control
  • equipped with a rain sensor
  • solar powered
  • retrofitable
  • convertible to electric operation
  • furnished with easy-to-clean coating feature etc.

If you are doing home improvements (like extensions and or loft conversions), skylights windows are the most recommended by windows experts.  These kinds of windows can make a letting difference to you and your tenants.  As with any investment, your decision will be based on what you spend and what you get in return.

Call us today if you need to involve us in your window improvements plan or to instruct us for letting/management.

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