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Monday 06 November 2017

by Lettings and Management Team


Wi-Fi technology is now one of the selling and letting points for many properties offered for letting in the rental market.  The word Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity, Wireless Internet) is increasingly inserted in many ads for properties to let. 

Some landlords/ladies provide this technology on their rented premises to enable tenants to watch TV and to use computers or laptops as part of the tenancy agreement.  Others try to go further when renovating or improving their property-to-let to include Wi-Fi enabled domestic appliances in the fittings and furnishings.  Examples of this kind of domestic equipment include kitchen appliances.  Wi-Fi enabled kitchen consists of a range of products such as Wi-Fi connected ovens, app-connected cookers, Wi-Fi thermostat, computer-powered microwaves and refrigerators etc.    It is about smartphone-controlled and app-controlled kitchen appliances.

Wi-Fi enabled domestic appliances can be a good letting point for many renters.  This is particularly true for those renters who are busy in their daily life and or those who are looking for smart technologies for their next property to rent.  Amongst them, we can include those on low wages and those partly getting support from the welfare system as well.

Wi-Fi enabled kitchen appliances (such as fridge freezers, dish washers and washing machines) can be controlled and monitored via an app.  It is a game changer in the residential property letting market as living in these kinds of properties can provide some convenience.  The handiness of these appliances is that the kitchen can be remotely controlled without one physically being there.  

Already many tenants have been selected from their social media accounts besides the universal referencing methods such as previous landlords/ladies’ reference, employer’s reference, bank reference and social character reference.

Already many tenants use their mobile phones to search for local information or tradespeople or businesses, surf the internet, talk via an app like What’s, watch an online video, listen to music using Spotify etc.

Already many tenants are digital literate and able to cope with the convenience of using Wi-Fi enabled domestic environment.

Providing Wi-Fi enabled domestic appliances for tenanted properties can help protect your investment and keep your tenants happy.  Keeping pace with the evolution of technology for your letting business is a way better to stay in the game. 

Some landlords/ladies will remember how some time ago double glazed windows were a selling/letting point for marketing their property to let.  Today, a double glazed window is no longer seen as special feature although it is still a valid bargaining point in the negotiations for properties to rent. 

However, before one makes decision on a Wi-Fi for letting purpose, both the positive and negative sides of this decision should be fully explored without forgetting the financial impact of it.  This decision may revolve around the financial and happiness impacts for your tenants.

To instruct us for your residential property letting and management or to talk about Wi-Fi enabled kitchen appliances, contact Home Relief.


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