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Monday 23 October 2017

by Lettings and Management Team



Key Tips for Warm Rental Homes

The far-sighted landlords/landladies are the ones who make their plans to self-protect their investment, which is in this case their rental properties, before the cold weather of Winter arrives.  

One of the self-protection plans they can do is to make their rental properties to be environmentally and weather-friendly for their tenants at their properties.   There are some contractual obligations they normally have to meet for that end.  Most landlords and landladies should know them. 

However, it has never been a bad idea to remind ourselves the things we all know should just we forget and to avoid trouble or disputes ahead.  Here are the Key Tips for a Warm Winter at your rented or tenanted properties:

  • Central heating and hot water working
  • Hot water storage cylinder functioning if the property is fitted with one
  • Solar photovoltaic panels adapted to heat water
  • Curtains that control the cold weather
  • Windows (e.g. skylights) prepared for the cold weather
  • The entire property climate-adapted (or proved) or treated against cold

Besides that the other areas of property maintenance (such as electricity and gas safety checks, fire proof furniture, structural survey of the property etc.) should also be considered. It is a good idea from time to time to check if there has been change in rental property regulations or laws. 

If it requires carrying out some renovations and or improvements to your rental property to make your tenants’ living in line with the contractual and legal requirements please do it NOW before Winter comes.

A far-sighted landlord/lady seeking to avoid any maintenance issues ahead of and during Winter will make sure that the above is dealt with as earlier as possible.  And if not sure, check with property experts.   You can involve Home Relief as well.

To involve Home Relief in your Winter maintenance plans, just contact us.


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