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Monday 09 October 2017

by Lettings and Management Team



The digital industry and technologies have now penetrated most of the areas of home making, including showers and bathrooms.  Offering to the rental market a property with a bathroom with digital shower, instead of traditional showers, can bring more convenience for prospective renters than previously thought.  But, what are the benefits of digital showers compared to the non digital ones?  They are as follows

• Touch screens and wireless controls

You can use your fingers to activate your shower and programme it.  You can wirelessly control the settings of shower, which give you extra safety and security as electrical wires and plugs are always dangerous in the bath and shower even if they boxed in.

• Remote control to turn the shower on

With this device, you can turn on and or off shower

• Control of digital shower via an app

An digital shower app enables you to pre-set shower preferences and temperatures.  This gives you extra freedoms to plan your life.

• Bath-fill option

This benefit allows you to pre-set your bath preferences and fills the bath for you while you are waiting.  

• LCD (Liquid Crystal Digital) displays

This is a feature that provides you with the facilities to better read information, instructions and data; to monitor, control and command your shower.

The above are the few of the benefits of having a digital shower.  Put it simply, digital shower provides safety, comfort and organisation of your life. 

If you are a landlord/lady and planning to renovate your bathroom/shower or build a new shower in your property for letting purpose or own use, think of what about going digital!

If you are not sure, do some research on digital technologies applied to bathrooms and showers, get expert advice on shower buildings, compare prices and benefits of having it, find the cost and cover of maintaining it, assess its impacts on your letting projects and finally decide.

If you still not sure where to start, you can talk to Home Relief and we will guide and source for you relevant shower services on the market. 

Do not hesitate to contact Home Relief’s Maintenance service, should you need support with your digital bathroom and shower renovation or building plans. 


Thank you for reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits to HRCIC website and to doing business with you.

Many thanks!

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